The Laptop saves the world

One of the many unsung heroes to come out of the recent global pandemic of COVID19 is the humble laptop. Why is such a machine so worthy of praise? Quite simply it has saved many people’s jobs and livelihoods. The Laptop is a mobile flat packed PC that is more than capable of standing up to the pressures and strains that a standalone or tower PC can do. In fact, due to its mobility and ease of use the laptop is right starting to overtake the sales of towers and standalones. If you are looking for Cheap Laptops, and who isn’t?, then you should check out as soon as you can to get some great deals.

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When lockdown was first announced it seemed like the world of work was coming to an end. Despite the government trying to shore up the employment of hundreds and millions of employees with the furlough scheme, employers were looking for mass redundancies as the only way to save the companies they ran. With no income stream, how they were supposed to pay their workers seemed an impossible problem to solve.

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However, with the development of technologies like Zoom and Teams the ability to link and communicate with each other, or the wider general public became a reality even when stuck in the home. VOIP phones via laptops also made home working the reality that telephony workers had been asking for for many years. Without the laptop to make this happen many of us would be looking for work now.

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