Month: January 2019

What Is a Grease Trap and Why Do You Need One?

It’s fair to say that commercial kitchens will produce a lot of grease. This oily substance that generally comes from vegetable oils or animal fats might appear to be a common substance in kitchens, but the molecular make-up is actually complicated, and therefore disposal of grease needs to be thoughtful and appropriate. Image Credit We Read More

Six Office Fit Out FAQs

When considering an office fit out, refurbishment or relocation, there are typically six questions which come up. Identifying these questions and knowing the answers will help you decide if a fit out is right for your office space. Image Credit 1. Are Design And Style Really That Important? When it comes to offices, most people Read More

Spending with a view to saving

When you go out food shopping, you are sure to come across offers that purport to save you money. You will see adverts like, “buy one get one free,” or “buy one get one half price.” You may also notice that some items are badged as costing less when you buy them in bulk. But Read More

Understanding Bail Bond and What It Is For

Bail bond is like a security deposit that someone charged with crime can pay in order to get out of jail. Every city and state have their own bail bond system and if you are in the Colorado area, you can speak with a bail bond service provider to understand more about it. The good Read More

Scoping Out Available Vacancies for Lease

In New York City, there are hundreds of new apartment vacancies that come open for lease each day. It can be difficult to know where to look for a place to move to and a neighborhood that feels safe if you relegate your search to just the newspapers and local magazines. You need to use Read More

Equipment Your New Warehouse Must Have

Warehousing jobs are making a comeback in the United States, and that means that more new warehouses are opening around the country. If you are planning on opening your own warehouse, then you will need some basic equipment to get your warehouse operating smoothly. Along with cargo lifts and industrial stacking shelves, there are other Read More

5 Things to Stock Up on if You’re a Survivalist

If you are concerned about the future and want to be prepared for any type of emergency situation that might pop up, you might have decided that you want to put a focus on survivalism. If you are just getting started as a survivalist or prepper, you could be wondering what you will need to Read More

How to have a safe relationship if you have an STI

It’s a conversation that not many people want to have on a first date – so when should you tell a potential partner that you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI)? It’s a dilemma that’s increasingly common, as STI rates rise. So here are some suggestions for starting a safe relationship, when you have an Read More