Month: March 2016

Plan to modernize the bathroom

Plan to modernize the bathroom: 7 proposals to motivate style

The bathroom is one of the rooms in which more usually seen over time. If it’s dated, subtract charm the rest of the house as much as we mesosphere in the decoration of this. So today we are going to propose seven ideas to renew it with style. Sure we got motivate!

The first thing to consider are the dimensions of this piece and if it is the master bath, which should have some additional benefits of utility and practicality, or guests, to be used less often. Take note of our proposals to modernize the bathroom and adapt them to your needs.

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Why your teeth look yellow

6 Reasons why your teeth look yellow

Although we can relate to poor oral hygiene, yellow teeth respond to many other factors that may even be related to genetics.

Some healthy white teeth allow us to look a brighter smile and attractive. Because of this, more and more they are looking to keep them in perfect condition by applying various treatments.

However, although it is possible to whiten to some extent, it is essential to note that these are not white pearl in nature due to the components responsible for its color.

These dentin, a substance that gives them a yellowish hue but looks whiter stands out thanks to tooth enamel that covers it. The problem is that there are certain factors that cause deterioration of the enamel, which makes the teeth begin to look more yellow than they should.

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Maintain productivity

Maintain productivity in the summer working at home, myth or reality?

One of the disadvantages of working at home is continuous interruptions. One advantage to reconcile work and family life. The trouble is that in summer often this means that if we have children touches us stay with them at home, so keep productivity in summer working at home becomes even more complicated.

Much depends on the degree of dependence that has children because it is not the same work at home with children 3 years with children 10. In any case, we have a number of solutions we can take the time to adapt our schedules work in order to become productive at home.

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Google closes Picasa

Picasa missing closure, Google has announced that leaves this tool for editing born in 2002 to focus all its efforts in this field in a more modern service, Google Photos.

It was in 2004 when Google acquired Picasa, developed two years ago by the company Lifescape, and he intended to compete with other services like Flickr or management tools and image editing included in Windows. Now, when they were about to turn two years since the last update, Picasa 3.9 (build 137136), the company has announced its final abandonment.

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Detoxify the body

10 foods that detoxify the body

Start your ‘detox’ today!

After the excesses of holidays we have had, today I bring you 10 foods that detoxify the body by Margo Marrone, director of The Organic Pharmacy.

The Organic Pharmacy is a multi-function space. It is a pharmacy where herbal and homeopathic in his dispensary prepare mixtures of herbs and homeopathic remedies to treat every individual need. It is an urban spa with a clinic in the hands of professionals, dedicated and highly trained homeopaths.

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You are thinking of painting? Notes color trends for spring-summer 2016

Playing with colors in decor is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a stay without major reforms ways. Thinking of painting? Notes color trends for spring-summer 2016 that today we bring you, inspired by Pantone and Bruger proposals for this upcoming season.

Spring is the best time of year to introduce a touch of color joy to our home, and also an opportunity to update their appearance, filling color, and style, do we start?

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Tesla Model S

The next Tesla Model S is close to 500 km of autonomy, as it likes to Mercedes

A Tesla Model S that comes close to500 kilometers without charge batteries?That is the next model that youhave to leave factoriesTesla Motors, as we know, although the company has not addressed an official presentation.In addition, we know thanks to a hacker.

In electric cars,autonomy is the main specification, and that inpure and hard featuresare going tosurprise each day.Discover new,more capable models, with new technologies leads us to get usedto the idea that a future without fuel meets our needs perfectly.The nextTesla Model S P100Dcomes to break new barriers.


As good computer with wheels that is the Model S, the system that gives life will be updated based firmwares.Every time yousee one, there are people like the ‘hacker’Jason Hughesthat deals with finding news in these data.

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Perfect family

The tyranny of the perfect family

No matter where you look, school, television, movies, blogs, etc.Look at where you look there will always be one to tell you what is right or wrong, what to do as a mother or father, because what matters is how you see others, how is your family in their eyes, the tyranny of Perfect family.

Does anyone feel identified with the type family shown us in society?Because there are two types of family, that perfect family, with children who never bother, always well dressed and of course, almost needless to say anything because they are as if they divided that is what they want their parents even before they say it and on the other hand we have families, usually numerous, kids screaming, jumping, bother and never know how to behave with parents who are saturated and giving to understand that they should never have children.Yeah, that’s what they sell, or are you one or the other and who want to be in hell?

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17 rules for shopping

If you are the type that enters a shop and wants to take all the things you need, then check out these 17 rules for shopping. Following more than one, choosing what you like and safe saving some money.

1-Buy basic items

Sure that happens you walk into a store and there are many things that you choose before a white blouse and a black coat, but before buying anything else make sure you have in your closet all those items that are basic for any occasion.

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