Month: November 2021

The Advantages of IT Services

With a reputable IT service, you can improve your business in a fast and cost-efficient way. You and your staff can focus more on branding, inventory and profits while an outsourced team takes care of your technological infrastructure. Many of an IT service’s benefits are straightforward and obvious, but there are other advantages that are Read More

Bullying in the Workplaces – The Consequences and What can be Done About it

Bullying is something that can happen in many different workplaces – from huge companies to small businesses, it is sadly something that goes on in the world of work all too often. Bullying can take many forms – from making someone feel excluded, to taking credit for their work, to snide remarks and making them feel belittled – there are many forms that bullying can take.

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Tips for helping your teenager use a mobile phone safely

More and more teenagers and young people are owning mobile phones and these can be incredibly useful for helping them stay safe and in contact with their parents and carers. They can also be used to allow them to research information that they may need for their homework as well as act as personal organisers Read More

How to support someone with Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the many different types of dementia that an individual can find themselves living with. Dementia is an umbrella term that covers many progressive conditions that affect the way the brain functions. Not a lot is known about what causes dementia and there is no known cure at the moment but Read More

What is a pneumatic conveyor used for?

Pneumatic conveyors are the lifeblood of material storage and movement in factories and warehouses. In many cases, as they criss-cross the facility, they resemble an operation’s arterial system. So what are they used to convey, and why?  The company are one of the premium suppliers of Pneumatic conveying, and you can see some examples Read More

Three Walks to Benefit your Body and Mind in Romney Marsh This Winter

The Christmas period can take its toll on both the body and the brain – excessive food and drink consumption, as well as the rifts and arguments that can happen when family spend too long together are common problems at this time of the year. A great tonic for both of these things is a Read More

Items commonly stolen in burglaries

Nobody wants to be the victim of a burglary but unfortunately over the last year there have been 267,000 burglaries in England and Wales. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the risk of becoming a victim, such as installing security cameras. For more details on CCTV Gloucester, contact APM Fire and Security, suppliers of CCTV Read More

How to streamline your business finances

Whether you work for a small firm or a large industry, you’re always going to be looking to streamline the businesses finances. Cash flow and accounting are tight for any going concern, and if a way can be found to make that quicker, then why not take it. One thing that you can do is Read More


2 Smart Solutions For Weight Conscious Industries

The common denominator shared by many potentially hazardous and weight-conscious industries involves the heavy lifting and ease of movement for materials that sometimes weigh up to hundreds of tons. Various types of companies require specialized machinery to determine the object’s weight, hoist and transport it. Some industries that rely on these particular machine parts include certain manufacturing processes, cargo handling, specific construction and military applications, shipyards, and more.  Various and unique applications are used depending on the type of heavy material that needs lifting or moving. Read on to learn about two smart solutions for weight-conscious industries.

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Helping the Wildlife in your Area this Winter

In the winter, the wildlife can really struggle – if you want to help the local fauna, here are some ideas that you can do in your own garden… Provide a Bird Table – Something that is scarce in the winter for animals is food. Birds struggle in the winter to find food, when temperatures Read More

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