Month: December 2016

TP-Link HS105

TP-Link HS105, a connected plug with which to give certain intelligence to our appliances

TP-Link has announced the launch of a new product aimed at providing a minimum capacity of remote control and intelligence to appliances and old appliances we have at home. This is the HS105 Smart Plug Mini, an intelligent plug to plug our gadgets.

With a compact size and a rectangular shape designed to not draw too much attention, the HS105 plugs directly into the wall and has an outlet from which can provide up to 15 amps while connecting to the WiFi home network.

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This panel has a great superpower, it generates drinking water instead of electricity

The shortage of drinking water is today one of the most important problems in our planet, which mostly affects remote areas and developing country, which in turn causes poor hygiene and sanitation, as well as a Significant impact on the quality of life of people.

With this in mind it’s like ‘Source’, comes a solar panel created by the Mass Zero Water startup that aims to remove moisture from the air to condense and thus provide potable water.

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Civilization VI

17 points to discuss if Civilization VI is the best Civ of History

Civilization has become … The mother of the lamb, the strategy turned into drugs, the classic among the classics reaches its sixth installment and, as always, the first thing you have to face is the GREAT QUESTION: is it able to improve the saga, to introduce Enough news so that it supposes an advance without that implies to derail the great virtues of the classic Civs.

Is it the best Vanilla of all the Civs or not?

One of the difficulties of facing any Civilization is that the new arrives and has to face games whose continuous developments have reached reach 6-7 years. At that time it gives to better many things: in fact, Civ IV succeeded, thanks to its expansions, the most comprehensive Civilization history and polishing small defects and clattering oversights that plagued his first commercial version. Civ V, on the other hand, came up with something more complete in its big choices and its Gods + Kings proved less relevant to the overall gameplay, but completely forgot about so many little details that we did not remember as a great vanilla version.

In Civ VI there are many things that developers have not wanted to forget. Firaxis has opted to have an initial version as complete as possible and achieves it. There are more tricky issues than others and some issues from the miniDLC era to Paradox (for example, the Earth map is terrible: the main field of play for many players may not come limited to sell it in the near future), but its Initial playability is impressive.

That ‘s right: if there is something that I miss terribly are good screens “overview” of macro -management , global view of your cities and your army.

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Doctor Strange

The visual effects of ‘Doctor Strange’ also have their “magic”

One of the strengths of ‘Doctor Strange’ is the graphical section and visual effects. Already discussed when we saw the film, but we wanted to delve into it to know what the “magic” behind what we see on screen.

Spoiler: There was much chroma and used six Lamborghinis for Stephen accident sequence.

Many dimensions, many soundstages

The introduction of the Marvel multiverse occurs in ‘Doctor Strange’ through the different dimensions (astral, mirror and dark) you will know our egocentric protagonist. The characters are jumping from one to another with enough agility through different portals and spells and all without breaking the rhythm and visual effects that maintain the aesthetic coherence of the film.

21 different sets and more than 1000 drawings for the art of film needed

‘Doctor Strange’ was filmed in cities like London, New York, Hong Kong and Kathmandu (Nepal), but also had to build 21 physical sets to give more realism to images.

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How to Give your Storefront a Facelift on a Budget

If your business has experienced lower traffic and reduced sales, it could be due to the storefront. Outdated storefronts do bring some nostalgia to local mom and pop shops, but may deter younger generations from walking in. Consider updating the exterior of your business to draw new business and revitalize your sales. The items mentioned here can be accomplished, even if you have little to spend.

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Shop Online For Your Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Shopping for the right furniture is a big part of owning a restaurant that offers outdoor seating. You can reduce the stress that comes with this task by shopping with an outdoor restaurant furniture Canada supplier online. If you are unsure about shopping online, the following benefits may help you make the right decision for your business.

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Red Dead Redemption

Why ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ has every chance to be the best game of this generation?

It ‘s funny how a week ago the network exploded with a simple image : the logo of the legendary game company Rockstar printed on a red background. In fact, the creators of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ or ‘Bully’ did not bother to add a word. But millions of fans already knew where they would go the shots.

Soon after came an illustration in which seven silhouettes on a sunset left little room for imagination, Rockstar take us back to the far west. However, it was not until the release of the first trailer when all doubts disappeared: ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ not only aims his revolver to be the best open world ever designed, but wants to be the flagship of this generation video game.

Paradoxically all it born from a project of Capcom, for a series of coincidences, ended up in the hands of the creators of the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series. Released in 2004 for PlayStation 2 and imbued with the essence of the legendary Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone, he came ‘Red Dead Revolver’. However, that formula would be improved with its sequel, or rather his spiritual successor: ‘Red Dead Redemption’.

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How to save? Tips for day to day

The times go hard and it seems that everything rises excessively, except earnings. And if you have been looking for ways of how to save know that this can be a rather difficult task, but nothing impossible and the result is encouraging. To help you a little help, apart foolproof tips to apply on a daily basis and contain costs.

Write down your spending

This is the first step for those who want to organize financially. To learn where and how is spending your cash rich, note where every penny goes.

For such a task worth using a budget spreadsheet or even a book that should have all the information, such as housing costs, market, eating out, telephone, fees, tips, etc. That is, each real measly you spend should be noted.

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Is it possible to take a year off to be a mother and then back to work as if nothing?

It weighs just six kilos and leave the care of someone else breaks your soul. I know because a few years ago, I went through it and although never raised me to give up my ambitions and my career, the temptation to take some time off to enjoy my baby was too big.

But what is our society ready to get down labor wagon us for a while? Is it easy to take a break, a “kit-kat professional” to enjoy our kids and return after sometime as if nothing? Lets look at the situation and draw conclusions.

My first experience with taking a sabbatical to look after their own children had time through my friend Adela, eight years older than me and pioneer in my group of friends in this to get pregnant.

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