Month: September 2016

Benefits Of Advanced CFD Trading

CFD trading is just another aspect of the ever expanding world of finance and how individuals are using newer methods and techniques to stay on top of this million dollar industry.

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Seven animals

Seven animals that changed science forever

This week marked 129 years since the birth of Erwin Schrdinger. An Austrian physicist who developed very important ideas, for quantum physics and thermodynamics, but will be remembered for his cat. Not for his cat; that is, not for your pet. If not for a famous thought experiment, with which we explain since 1935 some of the most counterintuitive ideas of quantum mechanics.

Schrdinger’s cat has not been the only animal (real or imaginary) that has helped us better understand the reality around us. In contrast, non -animal science today would not, even remotely, what it is. And never bad to remember.

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Revero karma hybrid

Revero Karma hybrid is the resurrection that would disturb precious Tesla

We must go back to 2013 to see firsthand the Fisker Karma, and somehow we can say that that vehicle has returned to life in the Karma Revero, a plug -in hybrid that has always wanted to be a nuisance for the Tesla Model S, mainly for its sporty and four doors.

The road to success has been very different for these models, but here are to try again, with quite a similar picture to what we met with the original model. From the technological point of view there are two powerful introductions in this Revero: a sunroof and a new interior system for information and entertainment.

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autonomous car

The future of autonomous cars could be in the tiny sensor

Autonomous cars may be able to determine physical spaces, the location of other people or other objects like cars in real time and also do so accurately, is key to this technology. For this use it is made of so- called LIDAR sensors (Light Detection and Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) technology using a laser beam to determine the distance between the transmitter and an object or surface.

The disadvantage of these sensors is their size and price that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, that although there are smaller options where the price is almost the same. But this could change in the future because of a new development that aims to have the benefits of a LIDAR sensor smaller than a grain of rice chip.

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Cancer, hypertension, overweight, obesity, memory, dental health: This we mean sugar!

We all know that too much sugar is not advisable if we care for the health of the organism, however, the population continues to exceed the maximum recommended by WHO intake and little is sized about the consequences of heavy drinking, therefore today we show what we mean when we talk about sugar.

Increased risk of cancer

We might think that sugar is harmful but not enough to generate cancer, but are not few studies that link its excess with an increased risk of developing this degenerative disease.

Sugar can affect the health of our cells to promote glycation of proteins that make their membranes and oxidative stress in the body as does the snuff, for example, which in the long term, accompanied by a lifestyle unhealthy It may be the cause of an increased risk of cancer.

So far, the excess sugar has been linked to increased risk of prostate cancer, biliary tract and colon cancer, but of course, you can move this effect to other parts of the body and therefore perhaps sugar suffer the same fate the snuff.

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Suicide Squad

‘Suicide Squad’, fun supervillains and soul

It has not yet has been released and is already making waves. Apparently, as I overtook in the article that we took yesterday to criticism not just convince the entire film that David Ayer wrote and directed with such enthusiasm based on the group of supervillains created by John Ostrander.

Although it may be compared with ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ actually has little to do with it, because the DC universe built by Ayer is very different to that created by Zack Snyder (although it is true that are linked and that could, somehow, you be linked to the ‘Justice League’.

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Why Your Workplace Needs Occupational Hazard Training

If you run a facility with occupational hazards, it’s important that you and your employees have the training necessary to avoid unexpected accidents. Arc flash can occur for a number of reasons, and it can result in serious injury. To ensure that hazards due to arc flash don’t occur in your workplace, consider investing in an arc flash training program.

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The warmest year

We have broken the record ten times for the warmest year

2014, despite international efforts, was the warmest of the last one hundred fifty years. It was not for long. He came 2015 and was crowned as the warmest year on record. Although, according to data from NASA, 2015 also will be short: there is a 99% chance that 2016 pulverize the record last year. It is the first time we see three records in three consecutive years.

But that’s nothing. If for a moment forgets the calendar year, we discovered that the twelve warmest consecutive months of history occurred between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016. That is, the last twelve months have been the warmest since we have data. A record that we have broken 10 times in the last ten months.

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small bedroom

7 Ideas for a small bedroom larger look

Many times we need everything to change so that everything remains the same or better. some people to get the vacation you need to see everything as always to have a sense of security and some people need a change in home decor. If you also have small bedrooms we can get that look bigger

Let’s see 7 Ideas to change the bedroom that are perfect for back home and also help us to relax better.

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Relaxed clinical trial rules in India designed to woo global investors

Regulations governing pharmaceutical research have been relaxed in India as part of an attempt to make the country more attractive to organisations with money to spend on development. Under the new rules, which were approved by central government, researchers in India will be permitted to carry out as many clinical trials as approved by an Read More