How to save? Tips for day to day


The times go hard and it seems that everything rises excessively, except earnings. And if you have been looking for ways of how to save know that this can be a rather difficult task, but nothing impossible and the result is encouraging. To help you a little help, apart foolproof tips to apply on a daily basis and contain costs.

Write down your spending

This is the first step for those who want to organize financially. To learn where and how is spending your cash rich, note where every penny goes.

For such a task worth using a budget spreadsheet or even a book that should have all the information, such as housing costs, market, eating out, telephone, fees, tips, etc. That is, each real measly you spend should be noted.

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Review your spending

Once you have followed the previous tip is time to analyze where most have spent. Take your notes and see where you can reduce expenses.

  • If that is expensive are those snacks away from home, why not bring a fruit in the bag or backpack? The practice of fashion, and you can even control the power to replace the street food for home.
  • Renegotiate some accounts is also a great option. For this, try to contact your mobile provider and even your internet plan combo, TV and telephone. Often these companies are able to lower the price to keep the client.
  • Look for products more affordable in the market is a practice for those who want to save the market. For this bet on fruits and vegetables of the season and take advantage of product promotions. Another tip for buying is already going with a short list of weekly menu, so you only buy the essentials.
  • The energy saving is also a valid point. Avoid leaving the lights on in environments where there is none and worth to replace the lighting to led. Who is adept dryer, hold the wires a little dry naturally, as this will avoid excessive heat and protect tresses and will still make a difference in your pocket, as you decrease the use of time?
  • Among the dice to save and contain costs, avoid trips to large (and false) settlements not to fall into temptation.

Save your credit card

This item can be very practical, but makes our temptation for purchases. So as not to fall into temptation and surrender to either comparison, the ideal is to holiday in the card; because if it is not in your wallet, it’s a way to not use it.

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If you plan to save money, it may be that on an income to the end of the month and a cash reserve does not hurt, however, can be a great strategy when the situation tightens truth. Oh, and if you are the type who spends propose yourself book a viable amount once you receive your salary.

Opt for exchange / loan

Something that is trend is the exchange or loan between friends or family. And this habit should become more common, as is a great strategy for those who want to spend less.

Currently, there are already fairs for costume changes, games, books and even services. Therefore, it pays to look for this kind of environment, so you can read that book you both want without having to spend and still takes a copy that has both attachment of your stand.

Rethink car use

The price of fuel goes really scary, and save fuel worth rethink whether it is worth putting the vehicle on the street. Case, the skirt worn more expensive than public transportation to, maybe it is time to leave the car in the garage. But if your destination does not offer an effective way of public transportation, check with neighbors or friends, the possibility of splitting the costs and offer or hitchhike. Thus, you contribute to the pocket and for the environment.

Now that you know how to save just put the tips into practice to make your money go further, even in the face of an unfavorable financial situation.

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