Month: November 2016


If you really want renewable energy, stop building windmills and solar farms

Against the most optimistic forecasts, wind turbines are springing up like mushrooms and the price of solar energy is now at historic lows. However, increasingly NETHE s hitherto led the energy transition are planning to curb their investments and projects.

Countries like Germany and China have much renewable energy that simply cannot handle it. We live in strange times, a few times when renewable energies are about to die of success.

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The Mental Benefits of the Oldest Nootropic

Piracetam is known to be the oldest Nootropics in the history of smart drugs. Under the racetam category, Piracetam is derived from Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or GABA, which is one of the vital neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. This artificial nootropic is made of natural compounds and chemicals to produce an effective smart drug to boost a series of mental cognition, such as learning, thinking, memory and mental alertness. You will find more info

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Choline Bitartrate: A Smart Drug for the Brain

Choline is defined as an essential nutrient under the B complex vitamins category. The body naturally produces choline in small amounts to maintain the health and well-being of a person. It is also water-soluble, which means an individual could get choline from a proper diet of healthy food. Choline is discovered to have fat-emulsifying properties which help the cell membranes break down the fat and water soluble compounds for the production of energy. Apart from ATP production, it also helps prevent the arteries from hardening, ensuring the smooth blood flow in the body. You may also like to know more at

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The Importance of Nootropics among Children

In the past, Nootropics are mainly used for the clinical setting. Medical researchers were still unconvinced about the Nootropics effect on healthy people, especially children, so they focused on treating Neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons disease and Alzheimers disease first. When Nootropics were introduced to the public, many adults expressed interest in its promise. You may like to visit at

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invest now save later

The importance of a good adviser, invest now to save later

The life of an SME and autonomous is a race that is not without obstacles and uncertainties, especially with the environment around them. It is difficult to know in advance, what will happen in the very near future and relationships with suppliers, customers and, above all, public administrations can become a difficult problem to manage.

However, our time is very limited. We must devote much of it to the management of our company (at the end of the day, this is our passion), which significantly reduces the time spent on other activities that are equally important. For this reason, you may want to hire the services of a good adviser to help us in this arduous task.

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Five hot chocolate recipes essential and different for a perfect winter afternoon

Contemplating the rain from the window feeling the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate in your hands is one of the most rewarding feelings and wonderful world.

We show five recipes for hot chocolate that can be also completely different.

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A Tesla not only does well, but sells cars twice a year for another

Needless know what Elon Musk dreamer, and just last week spoke of his project trips to Mars as who gets a transoceanic plane. But it’s nothing fancy is that its auto business is booming, and if at other times we talked about how well they were sales, we now know that Tesla sells twice as many cars of selling makes a year.

The data comes from the last statement that the company has posted on its website, which specify that the sum total of vehicles distributed in the last quarter not only doubled, but remains a little above that achieved in the same period last year (third quarter 2015). And the top model? The Tesla Model S.

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Renault Zoe updated their batteries to reach 400 kilometers, a step in the electric car for everyone

Opel knew he would not be alone in this, all it will cost them too that the electric car is established, and I am not sure if they want to change propulsion system as soon with everything they have invested, but here come the movements of important pieces. The following have taught us that an electric car that covers a good mileage is Renault, at the Paris Motor Show.

Well, much as new is an update on the Renault Zoe, which is already available in our country. The grace of the matter is the autonomy that soars to 400 kilometers. These figures always have to catch them with tweezers, depending on the type of cycle that is used to show them in this case is based on NEDC, and we believe that in practice it will not cost you move over 300 kilometers.

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Transportation That Improves a Persons Quality of Life

It can be easy to take for granted ones ability to get from point A to point B, especially when a person is young. When you are young, you are not dealing with any health limitations, and you can travel wherever you want. However, as a person gets older, their options for transportation start to Read More

5 Ways to Cure Your Gambling Addiction

One of the many problems with addiction is that it very rarely only affects the addict. Friends, family and loved ones usually have to share some of the burden as well, and gambling is one of the addictions where this is most prevalent.

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