Month: May 2016

Is it possible to diagnose cancer from a single drop of blood?

A single drop of blood (Water) Contains five million red blood cells, 10000 white blood cells and platelets quarter million and as an increasingly large number of scientists key to fighting cancer.

More than 8 million people die each year from cancer. 70% of them in the poorest countries where it is almost impossible to maintain programs for early diagnosis of the disease. These programs are expensive, complex and difficult to implement. But if we could detect any oncological disease through a simple blood test, modern medicine would change forever. Is it possible or is too good to be true?

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Alarm Bells Sounding over Household Debt

For quite some time now, the British have apparently been comfortable with having substantial debt. Most of us have, at one time or another, used loans to finance significant consumer purchases such as holidays and new cars. Consumer confidence has improved since the dark days of 2008, so maybe this is not a problem. Or Read More

Could Cold Press Juices Be the Sports Drink of the Future?

A new organic cold press juice has taken the US fitness market by storm by bridging a gap between sports drinks and supplements and providing workout enthusiasts with a natural, healthy alternative. Image Credit The WellWell cold press supplement could signify an important shift in what we drink after exercise. What Are Sports Drinks? Sports Read More

Perfect family

Detecting Cancer Early

Those who have family members who have cancer or those who want to know if they are at risk for having cancer or a tumor in the future can have a tumor marker test done at a doctor’s office or hospital. There are several uses for the tests as well as a few reasons why Read More

Table tennis

Types of strokes in table tennis

From sports stuff we already several posts introducing us to the world of table tennis, rules, materials … so it’s time to dig a little deeper to see the different types of punches in the sport.

What types of strokes exist in the ping pong?

There are several ways to classify types of strokes in tennis. Depending on which side of the blade body is at the moment of contact with the ball get

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Nissan: You need a car brand to keep the future

Since there is a consciousness of human beings, a basic concern has been, repeatedly, concern about finding out who we are, remember where we came from and predict where we are going. This triple concern, properly conjugate has served to model the evolution and development of each society.

A few years ago that Nissan has been rising where we are going, while trying to predict what the future of mobility. Now, Nissan Futures opens the way for debate while offering a broad perspective on some elements that could shape the cities of the future: from cars that do not pollute in the city until a curious energy management.

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Keeping safe whilst gorilla trekking: top tips from the pros

Gorilla tourism began in the 1950s and is still very popular today, with many travellers heading off to the eastern central African region for the purpose of spending time in the presence of these majestic creatures. Taking a safari on foot through the jungle and tracking gorillas sounds idyllic; however, there are some tips you need to bear in mind to stay safe.

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How Smart Can a Home Security System Get?

We all want to keep our homes safe and secure. At one time all you needed to do that was some decent locks, but the world has moved on and things are now more sophisticated.

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Cable TV

Most users see no need streaming to use cable TV

We have said on several occasions as the streaming content not only because it is the future of television and other industries like music, but is present and is changing the way many users watch television, now much more personal and interactive.

Its not just sitting in front of the “idiot box” and sees what strings emit but increasingly more important the fact that the user can choose to want to see, how and when and here is streaming which it offers more possibilities.

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Noopept Benefits Why Its the Best For Your Brain

Noopept isone of the most popular Nootropics out today. In the world of brain gains, this is one that is praised. Reviews across the web show Noopept in a spotlight. Noopept benefits its users in many ways. It has value, is safe, and works on the first dose! If you are on the hunt for something that will help your memory and learning skills, Noopept is the answer for you. It even helps keep your brain cells healthy! We will go over it all here, from Noopepts benefits to how much you need to take on a daily basis. Find out how much Noopept benefits your brain below.

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