Month: June 2016

air conditioning

How much does the air conditioning in your car?

You have arrived the heat, and in Spain we notice but based on well. Take a trip in mid – afternoon, or back to the car after having left it parked in the sun, you can assume little more than a faint heat that can accumulate inside the car, like a greenhouse.

Today there are very few cars not equipped with air conditioning, or any variant technologically similarly, call it what you call: manual climate control, automatic climate control, electronic climate control, dual zone climate control, Trizone, cuatrizone … Essentially we always refer a cold machine. Let’s see briefly how it works, and above all, how much you spend.

Take hot air, cool it and put it in the passenger compartment

At this point no one should be surprised if we say that the air conditioning consumes energy, or in other words, in a petrol or diesel car consumes (or gas, or whatever you use your car to get around). They are whims of physics and thermodynamics in particular, but to do a job (with frictions, resistances, losses, etc.) have no choice but to consume energy.

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Dark City

Science-fiction: ‘Dark City’ by Alex Proyas

Roger Ebert called it the best production of 1998. That’s nothing. It was a box office flop raising two hundred thousand more than their bare – bones budget of $ 27 million dollars, but that did not stop him to acquire the fast condition cult film obligatory pilgrimage for fans of science fiction.

A condition well deserved since, although this writer not qualify as the best that saw the light during his debut year -there would be to stop the tape on the Normandy landings in Spielberg or that the “note” signed by the Coen, yes that would place it among the top five, not of 1998 but of science fiction that we saw during the nineties.

If this is so – and it is, I have no doubt – is due to multiple factors that combine to build a hypnotic film, full of nuances and references which greatly enrich its content and are put there so no chance to raise a microcosm in which, if anything stands out above all is the fascinating and amazing staging of Alex Proyas.

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How to Lower Your Blood Pressure When You Have Diabetes

High blood pressure and diabetes are both severe problems undermining the health of tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people worldwide. They each have to do with the health of the blood and the blood’s ability to facilitate the metabolic functions of the body. It should come as no surprise then that the presence of one condition tends to worsen the problems with the other.

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Ways for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important for any business that wants to work its way up to the top. Without a brand of loyal customers who are satisfied with your products and services, your business would never get a positive vibe around it that would entice other people to check out your products and services as well. You can market your services all you like but without a band of excited consumers who would go out of their way to promote your business on their own without any rewards, your business would never be able to attract a lot of people. Measuring customer satisfaction is also important as you would like to know if your customers are dissatisfied with your services or not. Knowledge of unhappy customers is very important as these consumers can start spreading negative word of mouth about the business if you dont do enough to end their dissatisfaction. And you wont be able to take any steps to do so if you dont know that some people are dissatisfied with your business in the first place.

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How to Make Your Small Business Secure

Nobody wants to be the victim of crime. Small businesses in Swansea as well as around the rest of the UK are all looking for ways of preventing unwanted burglaries. These are things that can spell out the end of a small business so it is always best to take any precautions possible. Here are Read More

Business Ideas Beyond Land

For entrepreneurs looking for inspiration for their next big business idea, a major problem often arises when they struggle to think beyond their perceived limits. For some that means failing to look beyond their current location and at what resources and opportunities are out there. The best ones never remain earthbound, but keep on pushing the frontiers and charting whole new territory to expand both their profits and their potential. Here are a couple of businesses that have done just that.

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HR Ramifications of Working from Home

Due to mobile technology and business voice services, the ability for employees to work remotely has greatly increased. Today, there is cloud based software that makes it easy to facilitate virtual meetings, connect to business dashboards, and interact with customers and because of this, more employers than ever before are instituting virtual job programs. In fact, there are thousands of U.S. companies already using full time, part time, and contract or temporary workers who all telecommute. While the model is sound, the practice also raises some very important questions regarding HR issues.

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Philips TVs medium low range

The cassette tape is back … but this time the station is hipster!

Vinyl returned several years ago and now finds entire sections dedicated to them even in supermarkets. Today, it is the only format that survives the dreaded digital music, although physically still deflating and everything indicates that the final advancement of online models in music consumption will occur along this 2016.

The online stores have also expanded their physical catalog: Amazon now offer 4 million CDs and 1.3 million vinyl records (which are bought more than heard). Throughout this evolution, the last of those formats that evokes other times, the cassette is not on the shelves of the Fnac and seems to disappear at the gas pump road: where does, then his course resurface?

The geographical factor

In recent years, many artists have released their work into tape as The Oh Sees, Japandroids, The Growlers, MGMT, Deerhunter or even Nelly Furtado, who sold a collaboration tape format with Blood Orange at one of his concerts Christmas in Harlem. Although they seem more specific initiatives, it notes that increasing interest from record labels grope again in this format. One of the managers JazzyMs, a small shop in the middle of Madrids Calle de la Palma, is clear: “Sooner or later, the tape will come. I look every week how the matter proceeds to bring or import as seeing movement. We will always be willing to sell, but the key is in the marketing.”

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Making the right funeral service decisions

The emotion and impact of the death of a loved one has never changed through the centuries. But what has changed has been the way funerals are conducted today. In fact so many changes have taken place that it can become an added burden for those who are grieving. All the more reason why having an experienced funeral planner available to assist you is so important.

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Animal Print Dresses

Dresses Should Not Be Too Snug

When you wear animal print dresses, you should not wear them too tight because animal print dresses look tacky when worn this way. Look for animal print dresses that flatter your figure but do not make you look like a nightclub dancer. The key is to look elegant while wearing the animal print dress and you can pair the animal print dress with gold jewelry and handbag.

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