Month: July 2016

8 Tips to Increase FaceBook Fan Base For Your Business

Who does not want to be liked in real life? Every one does. But have you ever wondered how a Facebook like could possibly benefit you? Here are 8 reasons why you should get more likes on Facebook:

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Traveling China

15 things you should not do in traveling China

China is not an easy country to travel. It’s not just because of its size and population density, which are already sufficient reason in itself; but also because of the language barrier, social customs (the Chinese are very yours), cleanliness levels, pollution, public consideration, respect traffic rules, insufficient or inadequate transport networks in some areas, strange foods and so on. During the two years I spent in China I have known lovers and detractors of the great Asian power. I personally suffer a dichotomy love-hate for this country.

The best way out of doubts about China is to go there and live it in first person, but if you have the opportunity or not you decide to do this, read this first. As there are many documents where you can find out about their cultural, monumental or gastronomic delights, besides a thousand tips to have a blast, I’ll give you advice (humorously) about what NOT to do in China ever again.

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The FLI wireless charger

The FLI wireless charger, charge facilitates access to this option to all smartphones

The wireless charging still unfinished jell on the market: there are not many manufacturers integrate this option and today are much more fashionable systems fast charge, but some believe that systems wireless charging can continue being the future.

This is the case of FLI Charge, a device that uses technology wireless charging for conduction and that makes it interesting addition to the Alarm time offer that capability to smartphones options. You not have to have a phone that is compatible with the technology, because the FLIcoin accessory will solve that paragraph.

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How to achieve be linked by another blog

Yesterday I received one of the many emails that surely you have also received, where the person wants you to put a link to your blog or website. I even suggested a code for your link.

Obviously, I ignored the email. I do 95% of those cases. In addition, the remaining 5%? In that small percentage of cases, not only I read the email but also I end linking to the website of the person.

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Swiss chocolate pudding

Swiss chocolate pudding: Cream dessert recipe without eggs

When I was little we used to go to Switzerland to visit family in summer, and remember that fascinated me walk into any supermarket. Before the madness of yoghurts and dairy desserts flooded our stores, there we took centuries ahead with the offer, and my brother and I particularly loved us very popular desserts of chocolate in the Helvetic country. I met by chance with the recipe for this pudding without egg Swiss chocolate and I could not resist.

The same Swiss have adopted the term pudding, and it seems appropriate because it neither is a pudding nor is they custards. At least they are not because they do not carry egg, at least as I understand it. It is simply a creamy dairy dessert very easy to prepare that will richer the better the quality of chocolate, if possible Swiss – okay, is not entirely necessary-. You can adjust the sweet to the taste point, I prefer not to be too gooey and enjoy the taste of cocoa creamy tablespoons format.

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Stretching Exercises

Back Stretching Exercises

In the fast- paced society it is becoming evident that people are engulfed with commitments and are seldom left with any time to do exercise or pay attention to improve their health. Due to this constraint of work, stress and tension people suffer with severe back pain. There is one thing that one can do at any time in a whole day is spare ten minutes and go ahead with few back stretching exercises. This will leave one refreshed and energized.

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avoid mosquito bites

Some tips to avoid mosquito bites in summer

Summer and mosquito bites are something that is directly related, especially when we are in touch with nature. It is true that there are many products on the market to repel them, but we in this post we highlight some remedies more natural or some tips to prevent mosquitos acribillen us. It just simply has it in mind to improve our state against these insects.

First of all it is necessary to bear in mind that mosquitoes are attracted to sweet smells, the smell of skin, light, heat sources, food … therefore in need to avoid these situations. For example, it is good that at home if we are to have the window open not have the lights on and whether we will have better put special nets to prevent mosquito entry.

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Which Canon Ink Should You Choose?

Buying a printer for personal use, whether you’re a photographer, own a small business, or work from home, is a great investment. But there are few things that are more frustrating than struggling with what ink to buy for your printer. If you don’t get the right kind, you likely wont be able to use Read More

The iPhone 7 People!

Shoppers seem to have treasured the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus since their presentation in September. This understanding is upheld by Apples offers of 74.5 million iPhones in Q1 2015, a 41% increment year-over-year for iPhone deals, TechCrunch reported.

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perfect lighting

Get perfect lighting for long summer nights

Your exterior can be the perfect place to hold meetings with family and friends. On sunny days will be an advantage but … what about the night? There are plenty of interesting options to illuminate the long summer nights. We bring you some examples so you can apply them in your garden, terrace or balcony.

Classics for garden

The great classics always work. In outdoor lighting is a sure hit the typical lampposts classic completely illuminating large areas? So, if you have a large garden, this solution is very interesting because you get demarcate areas at night.

If your garden is not too large, or if what interests you is illuminating a smaller area or specific, such as a path, choose beacons smaller choice of life that gives results very welcoming.

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