Month: October 2018

GPs adopt more flexible approach to the working week

Punishing workloads leading to 50-60 hours a week being the norm, ever increasing demands from funding sources, growing patient lists and fewer support resources all contribute to the current GP staffing crisis, which only looks set to get worse unless drastic action is taken to address the issue. There does seem to be regional shortages Read More

If your car could speak it would say

Ill tell something for nothing Im the workhorse in this family. If I dont get some respect soon, theyll all be needing a horse to get around on because I might go on strike. Lets see them get to school, go to those dance lesson, get to work or take them shopping. I cant see Read More

How a clean office boosts staff morale

Ensuring an office environment is clean, tidy and hygienic should be a top priority; after all, these elements give a good impression to both members of staff and visitors. A full-time employee can spend around 37 to 40 hours at work each week – given that this is a sizeable amount of time, it is Read More

How to Plan a Large Celebration for Your Small Business

Keeping up the morale of the employees at your small business is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly. Sometimes, the best way to boost the morale of the employees who work at your small business is by hosting a large celebration where all of the employees are invited to relax and have Read More

Choosing A Reputable Locksmith For Your Business

When you own a business, you have a responsibility to ensure your property and customers stay safe. One way to accomplish this is to put your trust in a reputable locksmith company. It can be difficult to find the right company to hire. Whether you are looking for an alarm system or having a panic Read More