Month: November 2018

Now that is one big dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog is probably one of the most well-known cartoon canines around and with the programme having been translated into at least 13 different languages it is not hard to see why. Of the 75 books that were written it is thought that over 129 million copies have been printed since the Read More

How to update your Apple TV

The new operating system for the Apple TV is the tvOS 12, which brings upgrades including zero sign on, password autofill, NASA screensavers and Dolby Atmos support. Image Credit If you have had your Apple TV for a while, you may have set it to automatically apply updates. In this case, the TV will register Read More

Expand Usability of Your Equipment

Items that are heavy or awkward require the use of equipment to move safely. Having a wide selection of attachments to get jobs done can seem time-consuming if the time and hassle of switching attachments are complicated. A quick-hitch adapter makes it a more pleasant experience. Universal Quick Hitch Attachments Installing an universal quick attach Read More

The beautiful places surrounding the city of Bath

If you are lucky enough to have visited Bath Estate Agents and bought yourself a nice home in the Bath area you have some amazing landscapes right on your doorstep just a short drive away. Bath itself is an incredibly historical and architecturally beautiful place with Prior Park an example of the beauty that Read More

Why is it so sticky?

Where would be without glue? We use it in some many different ways including PVA glue for all your family craft needs and even as a metal bonding adhesive like you can find at But have you ever stopped to think how this wonder of science actually works? Image Credit There are many different Read More

Keep on running for a good cause.

Running has become an incredibly popular way of keeping fit and with numerous park-runs, half marathons and marathons available throughout the country many people are choosing to raise some money for their favourite charity whilst challenging themselves on their fitness and running stamina. Many of the larger gatherings have amazing atmospheres as well as drinks Read More

Finding Low Car Insurance Rates In Sacramento

The residents of Sacramento are always ready to find a bargain, even when it comes to their car insurance. When you are looking for the affordable car insurance Sacramento consumers enjoy, you need to have a plan to go along with your search. There are a few tips Sacramento car owners can use that will Read More

Outsourcing Critical Tasks in Your Home

When you work all day, you probably do not have the time or energy afterward to clean up your home. You realize there are things to put away, surfaces to dust off, and floors to vacuum. However, all you want to do is relax and spend time with your family. Still, you also do not Read More

4 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Employee engagement can make or break your business. If your staff isn’t thriving on challenges or giving their all towards customers, it can reflect quite badly on your brand. The good news is that it’s easy to motivate your employees if you know what you’re doing. Here are just four tips for lighting a fire Read More

Dealing With Divorce

No one ever gets married hoping and expecting the union to fail. A wedding is a joyous event that brings loved ones together to celebrate their hope for a successful union between two people who love eachother. The day to day realities of living with another person arent really addressed on a wedding today, except Read More