Month: October 2021

How to Increase Employee Productivity in the Warehouse

There are actually many ways you can increase the amount of productivity in a warehouse without spending too much money on training programs. If you already work in the business then you know how important it is to provide your employees with an excellent work environment, and being open to communication and innovation in the Read More

What Is Proof Testing?

A proof test is a type of stress test that is used to ensure that a load-bearing structure is capable of withstanding expected loads. Proof testing is usually done before new structures are initially used and periodically afterward to ensure the unit still functions correctly.

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Loss Prevention for Grocers

Every size of grocery store from small independent operators to large national supermarkets need to implement effective loss prevention plans. Grocery stores are especially vulnerable to theft. Numerous factors contribute to nearly ideal conditions for would-be thieves. Theft can be difficult to detect in these settings because of their immense square footage, aisled layout, massive product selection, and volume of each product on its shelves. Here are a few ways that managers can surmount some of the challenges and reduce the occurrence of theft.

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3 Ways To Save on Your Target Shooting Hobby

Whether you are in it for fun or serious competition, being a target shooter can get expensive quickly. Unfortunately, that fact often leaves large groups of people feeling left out of the sport. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are looking to get into target shooting, these tips can help you make it an affordable and rewarding pastime.

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Understanding the Types of Security Guards and Their Roles

Security guards are part of the fabric of society, but often they go unnoticed or unappreciated. To better appreciate how they make your life better and safer it can help to understand the different types of security guards and their roles. Armed Security Guards Not all security guards are armed. Those who are, go through Read More