Business Ideas Beyond Land

For entrepreneurs looking for inspiration for their next big business idea, a major problem often arises when they struggle to think beyond their perceived limits. For some that means failing to look beyond their current location and at what resources and opportunities are out there. The best ones never remain earthbound, but keep on pushing the frontiers and charting whole new territory to expand both their profits and their potential. Here are a couple of businesses that have done just that.

On The Water

Chartered boat cruises are by no means a new innovation, however, for people all over the world it was not possible to rent out a world-class racing sailboat until recently. That was before the Rhode Island firm Americas Cup Charters came along to offer for rent some of the most prestigious sailboats you can find on either side of the Atlantic. Established by George Hill and Herb Marshall, they now have a roster of clients using their boats for company outings, team-building exercises and family gatherings. Among their fleet are the 1962 Americas Cup winner US-17 Weatherly, two-time winner US-22 Intrepid, and the 1980 winner US-30 Freedom. They are the only firm that offer a fleet of actual Americas Cup Defenders for charter in the US. You can take inspiration from them and see what potential there is to take a new idea out on the water. Go to the coast, lay down a platform of Duras Ultra Deck and be inspired.

Business Ideas Beyond Land

In The Air

Why limit yourself to the water though when you can crane your neck and look to the sky? Serial entrepreneur David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue among with other airlines, has been trying to convince other carriers to put $1 billion into a fund to reward innovators who can successfully convert natural gas to jet blue. Of course this isnt the first time the aviation industry has put forward such an incentive: Charles Lindbergh won $25,000 from a New York hotelier for the first trans-Atlantic crossing when he embarked on his Spirit of St. Louis flight back in 1927.

Beyond Land

There is so much potential for business people to make it big at sea, in the air, and even beyond nowadays as more and more entrepreneurs start looking to the final frontier and aiming to be among the first generation to make a profit in outer space. You can join them and discover whole new worlds in the process. Visit more business tips.

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