Month: August 2016


How Taiwan has become one of the leading technology powers

We could put my hand on fire by stating that all your gadgets and technological devices have been (partly or wholly) manufactured in Taiwan and we do not burn up. But not only is manufacturing: design and R & D of many products and technological components also come from there.

In fact, Taiwan is one of the most research – intensive economies worldwide. It is estimated that invests about 3 percent of its production in research and development. Much of its economic power is related to the technology industry.

With an area of 36,000 square kilometers and 23 million people (making him one of the most densely populated), Taiwan is an example of economic miracle.

An economic miracle in figures

During the last half of the twentieth century the country experienced rapid industrialization that allowed him to have a fleeting economic growth. Together with Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong, Taiwan is one of the so-called “four Asian tigers”.

Since 1992, Taiwan’s GDP grows at an average rate of 4.5 percent, from a per capita income of $9116 in 1992 to 19,762 in 2012. Therefore, Taiwan is the 28th richest country in the world and 6th in Asia.

In addition, Taiwan has experienced a rapid expansion in international trade. Exports of goods in the country in 2012, about 99 percent were in the industrial sector.

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Tips relax your legs after training

Training or career is finished and is shift care for your legs to avoid problems later. Here are some tips for you can be as again the next day and you avoid injuries.

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We have 9 reasons to convince you that Indonesia is your destination

From Newspaper of the Traveler, usually what you want is that pique a little bug and go out of the comfort zone of regular travel. Today is one of those days when we tempt you with something more exotic destination and try to enjoy finding places in a country that is perhaps the most visited beach areas and resorts. There are more things, so we have 9 reasons to convince you that Indonesia is your destiny.

Obviously, in a country of nearly 17,508 islands and more than 250 million inhabitants (fourth most populous country in the world) for us they will be things in the pipeline. Many, rather all to be exact, but something will have to start, so a little bit of everything is not bad, from bugs, temples, through stunning parks and cities of contrasts. This is Indonesia.

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color trend

The color trend for this fall: Black, red and camel

Inspired by the beautiful apartments in Brooklyn, we rescued a chromatic palette that is very fashionable, a purely New Yorker palette that sneaks into homes and all kinds of styles, tremendously elegant discreet combination, male, and very easy to apply.

What is the color trend for this fall based on black, red and camels. Discover how to apply, what furniture, accessories and coatings, and what the best materials and fabrics are.

Natural wood flooring

Although input red and black may seem like a very extreme and proven combination, the camel colors of wood and skins soften the palette enormously, getting a look very discreet and welcoming. The wood, which in this case is always natural, we will put on floors, shelves and furniture with simple lines.

Other resources that will help sweeten the red is to use furniture and accessories in black, red and brown very vivid and somewhat worn, like a red brick wall a black leather couch, a wooden floors full of defects and an old carpet Persian. However that does not prevent us to add new elements, bright colors, a Mid-Century lamp ultra bright red methacrylate or some mixed with photos in black and white sheets.

You can combine the natural wood floors with micromanagement polished dark gray in some areas of the house such as the kitchen and bathroom, plus this material combines perfectly with wood, brick and skins.

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Lamborghini Roadster

Lamborghini Roadster Centenario, when exclusive costs 2 million

After presenting theLamborghini Centenario, which was held at the last Geneva Motor Show, theLamborghini Roadster Centenariocomes to complete the offer already announced in March: 20 closed units, 20 units open.

It is time to talk about the latter: the convertibles, which will cost2 million dollars, plus tax.It is not necessary to look athow you run the bank because they are all sold already.The strategy of creating exclusive series that began with the LamborghiniReventnand continued with theSesto Elemento, theAventador JandPoisonbears fruit, so that Sant’Agata Bolognese keep doing what is working them at prices few units scandal of a product that has its charm.

Designed by the Centro Stile Lamborghini, the Lamborghini Roadster Centenario is the result of a compromise between beauty and the need to obtain the best performance without sacrificing comfort.

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earn millions

Atomic clocks and sale of shares, earn millions by fractions of a second

Maybe if we do not do it are a little oblivious to what happens in that sector, especially escapes the more general headlines can move to more news that is general. You may not we know about the extent to which technological innovations applied here, going beyond the algorithms to use the most advanced physics.

This is not something new, at least not these days. For some years, economists of the most competitive league in trading not hesitate to resort to advances to ensure they get to make a good operation of millions in profits by being the first, even if you try to use atomic clocks or satellite. But not all big businessmen are in favor of these “new” tactics. What bring these instruments in the sale of shares and why there are detractors?

The importance of accuracy

If something has taught us the technology throughout its history is the importance of being the first to achieve success when you have an idea. In stock speed performance issue it is also critical, while not talking about days or even hours or minutes, but millionths of a second; it is hitting what, how much and when to buy.

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5 Reasons Your Office Should Go Virtual

Cloud computing andcolocation facilities have made the need for most offices absolutely obsolete. Simply by choosing to hire a Boston, Atlanta orToronto colocation center to manage your hosting, your business can obtain numerous perks, the likes of which will definitely outweigh the negative impact of shutting down your office. A few reasons you should turn your office into a virtual office include:

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10 Questions to Finding the Perfect Data Center

1. Where is the data center located?

You will be entrusting your network equipment to the hosting provider who will host said equipment at their data center. You need to know where your equipment is going to be placed and if that location will be a short drive in case you need to access the hardware. Selecting a data center that is relatively close to you and close to your targeted market is an ideal choice.

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Keep Your Food Safe with Proper Packaging and Storage

People get sick from food all of the time. They may get something that is as simple as an upset stomach that passes after just a couple of hours or they may get something that is serious and lands them in the hospital and takes powerful drugs in order to help them get better. Unfortunately, there are even some of food related illnesses that can cause a person to die. It is very important for you to understand how to store and package food in order to keep it free from mold and had a wide variety of contaminants. This will protect your health or the health of your family.

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Separating Solids from Liquids on an Industrial Scale

Dewatering is the process of separating liquids from solids. The most common example of dewatering is in a solid waste facility, where sludge from a municipal sanitary sewer system separates waste water from solid wastes. The process is used in a number of industries, including mining, lumber, farming, biohazard and some construction industries. It is Read More