Month: February 2019

How to change a tyre in an emergency.

If we were being honest any time a tyre requires changing its probably an emergency. There are certain things that you can do to stop it happening in the first place like checking the tyre for wear and tear, ensuring there are no sharp objects in it and that the tyre pressure is correct as Read More

The Most Common Trees in the UK

There are an incredible 60,000 species of trees across the globe. Who knew there were that many different varieties of trees? The UK is home to many varieties from the weeping willow to the oak of folklore. Which trees are most common here though? Lets take a look: These are some of the most common Read More

Energize your employees

We spend a lot of time at work, but your workplace doesnt have be dull and lifeless. If we must be stuck in an office from 9-5, then lets find ways to re-energize ourselves. Multiple studies have shown that a bit of fun and laughter in the workplace can improve staff productivity levels! So, lets Read More

Wedding Venues to Suit Your Personality

If youre busy looking for the perfect venue for your wedding, youre really spoiled for choice these days. Its an important choice too, as the venue sets the tone for the entire occasion. So, what will your venue say about your personality? Here are some examples of different personality types and what kind of venue Read More

Facts About Expanding Lathes

When it comes to lathes, many people may have a general idea about what they are and how they operate but they may not be aware of the intricacies of such specialized lathes such as the expanding mandrel lathe. Here are some facts about these interesting lathes that you probably did not know about before. Read More

How to Reduce Your Business Overhead Costs

The cost of running a business is a concern to anyone that favors a push for future growth and maximizing the value. You can find ways to reduce these costs by making a complete assessment of your operations and management from top to bottom and making any necessary adjustments to save on both predicted and Read More

The Top Convenience and Grocery Store Trends to Capitalize On

Grocery store trends come and go. One trend thats been appearing in more stores lately is the food bar trend. This trend has to do with convenience, warm meals and shoppers wanting options that are quick, fresh and easy. If youre interested in the trends that might boost sales in your store, check out these Read More