Animal Print Dresses

Dresses Should Not Be Too Snug

When you wear animal print dresses, you should not wear them too tight because animal print dresses look tacky when worn this way. Look for animal print dresses that flatter your figure but do not make you look like a nightclub dancer. The key is to look elegant while wearing the animal print dress and you can pair the animal print dress with gold jewelry and handbag.

No Neon Colored Animal Print Dresses

You should not wear neon colored animal print dresses because they do not look authentic and they make you look cheap. It is better to stick with traditional animal print dress colors such as brown, black, beige and gray. As for accessorizing the animal print dresses, you want to avoid going overboard with flashy jewelry and you should stick to a solid color.

Choose From a Variety of Animal Prints

Leopard prints are not the only kind of animal prints you can wear in a dress. You can choose from alligator, cheetah, zebra or the python print. However, you should not wear a dress that combines all of these prints because it makes the outfit look cluttered.

Large Print Animal Print Dresses

When you wear an animal print dress, it is good to wear an animal print dress that has large prints rather than small ones because the large print dresses give you a more sophisticated and defined look. If you wear an animal dress with smaller prints, it could appear dizzy.

Throw In Colorful Jewelry

Since you are wearing an all animal print dress, it is not always a good idea to wear brown or black jewelry or a scarf because these well blend in your animal print dress too much. Instead you can wear some jewelry in bold colors such as pink, turquoise, green or red. For example, you can wear an animal print dress with an amethyst ring or sapphire earrings and bracelet.

Denim Jacket with Animal Print

If you are wearing an animal print maxi dress and it is slightly cool outside, you can pair a denim jacket or colored corduroy jacket with the dress. The denim jacket’s blue color adds some flair to the animal print dress and the colored corduroy jackets do the same thing.


There is something sexy about wearing animal prints, and there are places where you can find diverse animal print dresses to choose from. Be sure not to wear animal print shoes and accessories along with the dress because you will look like a leopard. The key is to balance out solid colored accessories with the animal print dress. Visit more fashion tips.

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