Why ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ has every chance to be the best game of this generation?

Red Dead Redemption

It ‘s funny how a week ago the network exploded with a simple image : the logo of the legendary game company Rockstar printed on a red background. In fact, the creators of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ or ‘Bully’ did not bother to add a word. But millions of fans already knew where they would go the shots.

Soon after came an illustration in which seven silhouettes on a sunset left little room for imagination, Rockstar take us back to the far west. However, it was not until the release of the first trailer when all doubts disappeared: ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ not only aims his revolver to be the best open world ever designed, but wants to be the flagship of this generation video game.

Paradoxically all it born from a project of Capcom, for a series of coincidences, ended up in the hands of the creators of the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series. Released in 2004 for PlayStation 2 and imbued with the essence of the legendary Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone, he came ‘Red Dead Revolver’. However, that formula would be improved with its sequel, or rather his spiritual successor: ‘Red Dead Redemption’.

Red Dead Redemption
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This is not a Grand Theft Auto with horses: Red Dead Redemption is the quintessence of the Wild West

Let us start with the basics: in ‘Red Dead Redemption’ retain complete freedom of action seen in other sandbox of Rockstar and that means that we limit ourselves to follow the main plot, wreaking havoc among the inhabitants of that world, dedicate ourselves to test the destructive capacity of our players or simply give huge walks and enjoy the scenery.

However, lack of motor vehicles, automatic weapons and even management adventure through a mobile phone will not will miss. Why? Simply because ‘Red Dead Redemption’ is the ultimate lifestyle experience the far west and that means that nature, the variety of landscapes or socio cultural atmosphere generously overlap all the benefits of the modern world.

Red Dead Redemption 2 wants to be the flagship of this generation of video games.

From our horse up with the sole purpose of riding through extensive and wonderful meadows during the minutes that we please to assault a stagecoach in an impromptu momentum. Go hunting or simply appreciate the complex ecosystem of fictional states and we would greatly contrasted ahead. New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth are designed with great care went really, and apparently seen in the trailer, the sequel will go several steps further.

Of course, there is scope for exchange of lead on the fast track, preserving the spirit of adventure, rascals and pursuit of justice and redemption how well you feel westerns. And it is not the same as an open world where you control a millennial with hacking skills to use drones to thwart an evil corporation, to see each other on a sunny hill against a group of seven outlaws with only the support of our value. .. and our aim.

I sitting chair in the genre: this is how a world is open

However, Rockstar is that genius when laying the foundations of the genre of open world again what generates more expectations and not quietly.

The ‘Red Dead Redemption’ original was an ordeal that could orchestrate an enormously mature, envelopes and more than a completely unexpected turn plot through a huge cast of believable characters without excessive reliance on clichs productions Hollywood, but we can make John Wayne in ‘ the Searchers’ if what we seek.

We had a solid material and a story that could have been developed without offering an open environment. The fate and legacy of former outlaw John Marston gets lead to an experience with its own identity mechanics, which we were invited to enjoy at our pace, but definitely, and unlike the frantic car chases other sandbox, it tastes better if we bask in the enormous possibilities offered by each of these three states. Not to mention the Online Mode: a lesson at the time that it was possible to adapt a sandbox and share the experience without losing their own identity.

The secret to have achieved is to design an organic ecosystem that manages to convey a sense of life with surprising results, inviting us at all times that we are spectators of the hard work of Rockstar San Diego when witnessing from the behavior of a wildlife and almost palpable, natural elements awakening of modern society taking us an America of 1911 as seldom or never been seen.

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For many, the last game of Rockstar is the most ambitious game ever made. For others it is simply the best.

Of course, it is freedom of action where Rockstar outdid itself committed to offer three huge mapped as a blank canvas for any idea that comes to mind and intuitive control system that mixed elements with new resources to this new environment as a shooting or mechanical scanning systems, survival and crafting then directly inspire all the games that followed.

… And ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is to raise the huge bar , and the trailer is the best proof of this.

It is no coincidence that the presentation trailers ‘Red Dead Redemption’ original, ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ or ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ is a small advance in the form of small strokes of the universe that we have ahead. We will not see details of the plot and much less who will be responsible for living. It is simply a succession of genre scenes that tell us directly: ‘This is what is already happening in this world we have created, now it is when you come in and live’

The first game Rockstar for the eighth generation of consoles and the long wait until autumn 2017

Undoubtedly ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ has been (and is) a thundering success, despite being published in 2013, today still bobbing among the top sales worldwide. For many it is more ambitious game ever made, and for others it is simply the best.

How does that achieved? Adding new content and challenges constantly and regularly. Caring for the community of fans and giving them an excuse not to return to the game, but rather to not stop playing, and -above all-creating such an ambitious universe that even the most demanding players find it incomprehensible. In fact, it is no secret that Hideo Kojima himself, creator of the ‘Metal Gear’ series feel overwhelmed to see only a small part of what he proposed the ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

But, as we said, that title appeared in one 2013 in which the current generation of consoles was still sticking out from the shell. Later, he not only appeared for Xbox One and PS4, but also made the jump to PC with a significantly improved versions and greatly advantage the potential of these new systems. Although, lets face it , adapt a game from an older generation is not the same as designing a complete game able to squeeze the possibilities of the new.

The first trailer is only the notice: Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game that will measure the quality of what comes next.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is the first game of Rockstar designed for today ‘s desktops from Microsoft and Sony , and that added to the legacy of the original and with the support of Rockstar that from a couple of years ago, has been limited to create and free content expansions for goose gold implies that this is only the announcement that will be the game that will measure the quality of what comes next.

But if there are three things that we have very clear is that ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ will compete next year with itself ‘The Legend Zelda: Breath of The Wild’ quality and entertainment, the game Rockstar will not disappoint anyone and stamos forward to seeing new tricks that will bring the study of San Diego from his hat … or rather his cowboy hat.

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