TP-Link HS105, a connected plug with which to give certain intelligence to our appliances

TP-Link HS105

TP-Link has announced the launch of a new product aimed at providing a minimum capacity of remote control and intelligence to appliances and old appliances we have at home. This is the HS105 Smart Plug Mini, an intelligent plug to plug our gadgets.

With a compact size and a rectangular shape designed to not draw too much attention, the HS105 plugs directly into the wall and has an outlet from which can provide up to 15 amps while connecting to the WiFi home network.

TP-Link HS105
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What can you do? It is designed so that, together with an application for mobile iOS and Android we can turn on and off the devices we connect you press a button from anywhere in the world. This can be useful for example, when we go on vacation to simulate that there are people at home.

We can also create custom schedules on, timers or choose to start work at dawn and off at dusk, useful if you are what connect lamps or lighting systems, or check whether a device is connected remotely.

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Finally, the HS105 can be synchronized with the Alexa system directly from the WiFi network without an additional hub, facilitating handling equipment we connect it using voice commands.

Price and availability

The new intelligent plug TP-Link HS105 goes on sale first in the United States this month for a suggested retail price $ 49.99.

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