The FLI wireless charger, charge facilitates access to this option to all smartphones

The FLI wireless charger

The wireless charging still unfinished jell on the market: there are not many manufacturers integrate this option and today are much more fashionable systems fast charge, but some believe that systems wireless charging can continue being the future.

This is the case of FLI Charge, a device that uses technology wireless charging for conduction and that makes it interesting addition to the Alarm time offer that capability to smartphones options. You not have to have a phone that is compatible with the technology, because the FLIcoin accessory will solve that paragraph.

The FLI wireless charger
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Offering wireless charging to all public

In this solution, we have a loading surface by conduction and not by induction as in other cases. This allows multiple devices can be charged simultaneously with different load requirements and must not be placed in a special position : yes: the surfaces must be in contact.

So that contact between the phone and the surface there housings can access this manufacturer also provides for different terminals, but as we say the solution FLIcoin is ingenious because it provides that capability conductivity we need to charge the device.

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That makes the solution not native or direct -cabarets need housing or a small Accessory- but FLI Charge believe that the advantages outweigh this small handicap.

Its campaign Indiegogo shows that since then the idea has generated interest: have exceeded its target by far in the short time he has been active. You can access the basic pack for $99 (shipping included), and deliveries will begin in October. If the fast charge not enough for you might want to give a chance to a new initiative that seeks to promote wireless charging.

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