This panel has a great superpower, it generates drinking water instead of electricity


The shortage of drinking water is today one of the most important problems in our planet, which mostly affects remote areas and developing country, which in turn causes poor hygiene and sanitation, as well as a Significant impact on the quality of life of people.

With this in mind it’s like ‘Source’, comes a solar panel created by the Mass Zero Water startup that aims to remove moisture from the air to condense and thus provide potable water.

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Source, the solar panel of drinking water

Cody Friesen, a professor of engineering at Arizona State University, is the head of Zero Mass Water and responsible for developing souce, which springs from a simple principle in nature, which is that we are all owners of air we breathe, however, almost nobody is of the water that drinks.

Friesen says that any person with air conditioning is able to extract water from the air, so there is no magic. To understand the operation of Source just imagine a salt shaker with grains of rice, which are able to absorb moisture to keep the salt dry, and this consists of this solar panel.

Source has a material that acts as if it were those grains of rice, only here the moisture is extracted from the air. All the extracted water is purified by filters, in addition to adding calcium and magnesium to match the taste and pH of the bottled water. This panel is capable of generating up to 5 liters of water each day, enough for a family of four the company said.

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Another advantage of this system is that when the solar can operate almost anywhere in the world, does not need electricity or water supply, which will allow anyone who does not have access to these services may have a water source Potable ready to be used without complications.

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The company mentions that the solar panel is designed to “last for a long period,” but does not mention how much, likewise mention that the maintenance simple, since it only requires filling the tank with mineral supplement, which under use Medium can last up to a year. On the other hand, Friesen assures that the system is not complex and anyone with a screwdriver can repair it, and even anticipates that the spare parts will be on sale soon on its website.

Another pending point is the price, which has not been released since the idea is to get funding for a large-scale production, in addition to seeking partnerships with other companies or charities to bring this device to those areas that Need.

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