Tips for helping your teenager use a mobile phone safely

More and more teenagers and young people are owning mobile phones and these can be incredibly useful for helping them stay safe and in contact with their parents and carers. They can also be used to allow them to research information that they may need for their homework as well as act as personal organisers so they know where they need to be and when.

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However, it is incredibly important that when heading to a Vodafone Store Ireland to get your teenager their latest phone, that you talk to them about the ways in which they can keep themselves safe whilst using the phone.

  • Security – it is important that they have a pin number, a thumbprint or an access password put on their phone to help keep all their information safe.

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  • Backup – ask them to ensure that they have their phone synced to a Google account so that all their contacts, images and documents can be stored and backed up in case they were to lose their phone or have it stolen.
  • Social media – make sure that they are aware of the age limits that are put in palace across social media platforms and that they understand the consequences of signing up to a platform and falsifying their age.
  • Showing off – showing everyone how cool your new mobile phone is might not be the best idea and it is important that your teenager is aware that this will only highlight to potential thieves the type of phone they have and how much it might be worth.

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