Why we use cladding on a building.

There are multiple types and cladding and the question of why we use them has recently been called into question. There is a very good point to have a building clad in another material. For example some of the most impressive and rustic are those provided by https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-products/cladding/. Their Oak Feather Edge Cladding looks incredibly impressive and really brings a homely feel to any house or business that decides so use it. What are the reasons for cladding a building in this fantastic material or any others for that matter.

  1. To give the building a “skin”. Even in the most calm of weather areas a decent bit of cladding can be extremely beneficial to protecting the fabric of the building. Stone work is fine but there is even more life in the building when it has this extra layer on it.
  2. To keep the heat and sound in and the cold out. Cladding a building is extremely beneficial to the energy efficiency of a building. Rather that let that heat seep out the cladding will act as an effective barrier at heat loss. Conversely it will also absorb UV and strong sunlight heat in the summertime helping the building to stay cool.
  3. It makes the building look more attractive. Exposed breeze blocks or brick work is fine in some circumstances but for the most part people appreciated a nicely decorated frontage. It is also a much better look for a business especially if they deal in outdoor pursuits or want to promote a more natural and rustic look to their business.

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