Most popular course to study when you are retired.

We hear a lot about lifelong learning these days and it surely is a good thing, Why stop your education when you leave school? You might find it’s more fun to do a college course and it can always be in something that you like as opposed to what you have to learn. It’s certainly something that the residents of a Park Homes Gloucester will be considering. Take a look at the places available at, they certainly have plenty of space for you to study.

What are the most popular courses that retired people enter into?

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  • Access to Higher Education course. Only running for about a year, or longer if you want to do it full time, this is a foundation course to get you back into the swing of things and allow you to learn how to study and write when at University. You get to choose from a variety of subjects, including Maths and English but there is Psychology, History, IT all in there as well to whet your academic whistle.

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  • History. It might seem a bit of cliche but the study of History is one of the most popular course choices. It’s not all a dry date remembering exercise now! The great thing is you can expand the course to ancient history and even pre-history with archaeology.
  • Art and Art History. You may have seen the great masters or even some art nouveau but now you can make some yourself and understand the concepts and practices behind the pieces in the gallery.
  • Psychology and Counselling. Don’t let all your experience of love, life, and work go to waste. Many retirees find a new career in the world of counselling and citizens’ advice.

You don’t have to choose any of these things. The worlds your oyster!

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