A history of the Glastonbury Festival

Every other year, the small village of Pilton near Glastonbury welcomes a huge amount of people to its local Worthy Farm site. Here, since the 1970s, the Eavis family has held the Pilton Pop Festival. It’s grown to such an immense size and duration that the best approach for anyone attending is to take a full camping site with you. You’ll need a trailer to take it all. However, to stop any accidents you’ll also need Trailer Parts from autoandtrailer.com/shop/trailer-parts to keep it safe.

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The first festival featured Tyrannosaurus Rex or T Rex as they became later on. Tickets were one pound, which means that the current prices are considerably more expensive. The idea conceived by Micheal Eavis came after he saw Led Zeppelin play at the nearby Bath and West Showground. By 1971 it was a proper festival and featured heavy hitters like David Bowie, Hawkwind, Traffic and Fairport Convention.

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The 70s saw sporadic events until the mid-1980s creating an established tradition. The festival is biannual to give the site and the organisers a break. Being a dairy farm for most of the year Worthy and Cockmill farm, which was bought to accommodate the increase in the event in the 1990s means that if you have a wet year you get lots of mud. The Festival is now deeply rooted as part of the Summer scene and requires attendance from the great and beautiful, which many old attendees deeply regret.

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