3 Common Uses for CNC Machines

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines have a lot going for them. They help automate manufacturing processes across a variety of industries as well as make the work of hobbyists easier. Examples of different CNC machines include milling machines, lathes and plasma cutters, among others. Here are three of the most common uses for these efficiency-boosting tools.

1. Working With Aluminum and Brass

Because aluminum and brass don’t contain iron, they’re harder and need more cutting power to work with. CNC machines, along with some extra prep work and planning, can end up saving a ton of time for shop workers and produce a cleaner end product. This is one of the most frequent uses of CNC machining Essex MA sees.

2. Cabinets and Other Furniture

CNC machines are great for speeding up the process of building cabinets. Since cabinets typically don’t have too much embellishment, machining greatly speeds up the build time on standard projects. They’re still useful in more customized designs because they can cut more cleanly than humans can. In both scenarios, machining reduces material handling and brings a smooth finish.

3. Signs

When you see a large sign, like the ones at your favorite retail locations, odds are they were at least partially produced using a CNC machine. One of the benefits of these routers is that they can precisely handle any of the materials you would use to create a sign, from metals to plastic, wood and even foam. That allows you to envision 3D components that combine multiple materials for the greatest cost efficiency when planning your project.

Thinking Outside the Box

With the variety of CNC machine types out there, their uses are practically endless. They can even assist with things like prototyping or the production of musical instruments. Next time you have a building or manufacturing project with exact specifications, consider a CNC machine.

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