4 Common Maintenance Items for Boats and RVs

Maintenance Items for Boats and RVs

It’s no surprise that we like our expensive toys and we want them to always perform like brand new. For those of us who share that passion for taking care of nice things, here are some of the more common items to keep an eye on so you can help keep your equipment running for multiple generations.

1. Washing and Waxing Maintenance

Washing your RV is the best way to make your rig look great on the road. You’re not only showing off that great paint job, but you’re helping to protect the paint so it can protect the rest of the vehicle frame. For most of us who enjoy boating, marine RV maintenance is a way of life. Waxing will help protect that clear coat from wind and water damage while also bringing out that addictive shine.

2. Trailer and RV Wheel Maintenance

Your RV is only as strong as its wheels. Make sure you buy tires rated for the weight you intend on traveling with. You’ll need jacks and jack stands that can withstand that weight also for when you need to change a damaged tire. If you’re pulling a boat with a trailer, you’ll want to be certain your trailer’s spare wheel is not damaged and the tire is properly inflated.

3. Paint and Undercoating Maintenance

Paint is the number one most important maintenance item in marine vehicles. Water and wind can beat up on a boat over the years, but a good paint schedule will help fight back. Undercoating your RV is especially helpful if you live in the northern climates where the roads are battling ice in the winter. Rust and corrosion can ruin the undercarriage of your trailer or RV over the years, so properly painting the metal suspension and frame underneath can be a great advantage.

4. Engine and Transmission Maintenance

The drivetrain for your boat or RV is designed to last, but it will require proper maintenance at least during the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. Regardless of your type of engine, be sure to read the owner’s manual or look online for maintenance routines and commonly repaired items for that year and model of engine. If you are running a diesel engine, be sure to check around for good mechanics that specialize in diesel engines so you can plan rebuilds every decade. Staying ahead of known issues can be the difference between having a great vacation and having a huge headache.

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