If your car could speak it would say

Ill tell something for nothing Im the workhorse in this family. If I dont get some respect soon, theyll all be needing a horse to get around on because I might go on strike. Lets see them get to school, go to those dance lesson, get to work or take them shopping. I cant see that lot in there going on their bikes. Nope they need me yet here I am stuck out here in the cold wind and rain and the summers not much better. I get left out in that blazing sun and then they have the gumption to come out and have a moan at me for being too hot. Well, I think, you should have cracked one of my windows then or left a nice rug over my steering wheel. I told the car makers that black would be a bad colour as it burns your hands, but did they listen to me? No of course they didnt.

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Its very annoying seeing them all sat in there all warm and snug whilst Im being pelted with hail stones. Itll dent my paint work something chronic, so it will. And then there is the rain, a bit acidic sometimes I can feel it starting to make some nasty little stains and water marks. Theyll never get that out of my paintwork and then theyll be moaning like these no tomorrow about my value going down or something. Now what I really like a nice little covered area. Ive come to terms with the fact theyve not got space for a garage so a lovely Bespoke Oak Carport like the ones Ive seen at www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk would be more than acceptable.

What so good about having a car port I hear you ask. Well, and this is a little but selfish I know, but I would finally have a placed that will keep me dry and relativity warm plus keep off the worst of the weather that generally seems to be determined to make a right old mess of me. No more being covered in snow either, what a nightmare that is to get off especially if Ive had my windows freeze solid underneath it. Plus, they should consider at how amazing the carport looks? Its quite the work of art, or at least it can be, and it fully compliments the house and its exterior so theyve really no excuse.

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Oh well looks like that will have to wait. I can see that theyve got that X Factor on so winter can only be around the corner. Better hunker down, hope thats not a bit of corrosion Im getting on the front wing. Shame that

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