How a clean office boosts staff morale

Ensuring an office environment is clean, tidy and hygienic should be a top priority; after all, these elements give a good impression to both members of staff and visitors. A full-time employee can spend around 37 to 40 hours at work each week – given that this is a sizeable amount of time, it is essential that employees have access to a safe, germ-free environment.

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Poor conditions affect productivity

If staff members have no other alternative but to suffer unsanitary, dirty conditions at work, they will feel as though company directors and management do not appreciate them or their diligent work. In turn, this can lead to poor staff morale and wellbeing, and possibly a deterioration in health leading to frequent absences.

Cluttered, untidy environments encourage the employee to become distracted, with studies demonstrating that disorganisation and pungent smells reduce concentration.

The benefits of a professional cleaning service mean that employees will not squander time cleaning their own desks and surrounding areas, reducing productivity and wasting time. Outsourcing is key, with expecting your staff to take on cleaning duties completely unprofessional.

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Professional cleaners mean employees will feel valued

When workers are stuck in an unsanitary, dirty and unhygienic office, the very thought of travelling to work on a Monday can be severely off-putting. A fresh, regularly-cleaned office by a team of professionals shows that the directors appreciate their workers, leading to better productivity and higher levels of motivation throughout the company.

Using a professional cleaning company such as Intocleaning will show your employees that you value them. Such companies will carry out contract and commercial duties, including office cleaning in Cheltenham.

According to PR Newswire the Thank Your Cleaner Day is celebrated once a year. It acknowledges workers who clean offices, creating pleasant surroundings for staff.

Healthy employees mean less absenteeism, which can only be good for business. Cleaning companies will ensure the offices and floor areas are kept germ-free, which will reduce the likelihood of staff calling in sick.

Hiring a cleaning company to provide a professional service may seem like an unnecessary cost, but business directors will eventually reap the benefits. These positives will save time and cash that they would eventually have had to spend on dealing with the negative fallout of a dirty workplace.

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