What is Logistics?

Logistics is a broad term that can encompass many elements that are essential to the smooth operations of any business. However, what exactly is logistics? The answer depends on who you ask. In a broad sense, logistics is an organised system and detailed planning of how to implement a complex activity in a manner efficient enough to ensure the best possible outcome.

Planes, trains, trucks and other transportation vehicles make world-wide deliveries.

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In a more specific context, logistics is a branch of management that focuses on the efficient movement of materials and supplies in a commercial enterprise. In a broad sense, this encompasses all elements of production and trade such as plants, factories, warehouses, transportation and distribution. In more specific terms, it refers to the systematic coordination of all phases of the production process from raw materials processing through to marketing and sale. Logistics also includes insurance, government regulation, consumer protection, environmental protection, and social safety. For securing goods in the supply chain, consider a Security Seal from Acme Seals

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All aspects of the supply chain are covered under the rubric of logistics. The importance of logistics has increased over time due to the increasing complexities of business processes and the global marketplace. Today, it is vitally important for any organisation to create a robust supply chain system to achieve superior operations. A well-designed logistics system can provide tremendous advantages for both product and personnel development.


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