4 Vital Qualities Every Manager Should Have

Whether you manage ten people or 100, it is often difficult to strike a balance between acting as a leader and still being accessible. You want to encourage your staff to trust you and rely on you, but you do not want to be so friendly that they do not respect your authority and take direction. Needless to say, this can be a struggle, but it is important to foster qualities that make you an effective manager. The following are some of the most vital characteristics that every manager, supervisor and CEO should exhibit in the workplace.These tips will help you achieve optimal results with both and lead your business on the path to success.


Patience is one of the most important virtues you can foster in the workplace. When you develop a culture of patience, you facilitate the learning, growth, communication and collaboration of the entire workplace community, which boasts tremendous results. Business leaders such as John F. Malloy, Chairman, President & CEO of Victaulic, understand that one of the most critical attributes to successfully developing employees is to do so at their own pace. Expecting each employee to perform at the same speed and level is not only unrealistic, but detrimental to the overall performance of the individual. Oppositely, when you implement a policy of patience and encourage employees to learn and grow under their desired circumstances , you will observe an enthusiastic, committed workforce that is eager to grow and succeed.

People Skills

Successful business leaders also recognize the importance of treating all employees with respect, compassion and understanding. Victaulic CEO John F. Malloy has become synonymous with positivity and exemplary leadership in a corporate environment. I am continually impressed by the capabilities of Victaulics employees to find new ways to innovate..As management, it is our job to ensure that all employees are enabled to make meaningful contributions and realize these opportunities, commented John F. Malloy, Victaulic. As shown here, employees are more than just workers – they are people with lives, interests and talents. When you recognize this and treat them as such, you may be surprised by how much more engaged and effective they are. It is absolutely critical to prioritize and promote the use of manners, compassion and empathy in order to achieve a positive, productive corporate culture.


In addition to modeling patience and basic people skills, managers should always model initiative for their employees. Chairman, President & CEO John F. Malloy accomplishes this by incentivizing employees who want to move into leadership roles. Those who take the initiative and develop the drive to work their way up the corporate ladder are rewarded for doing so. As a manager, you must foster this initiative within your employees, as well as model the way. You can do this by involving employees in different areas of the company and encourage growth and development through diverse tasks and responsibilities.


Perhaps the most important quality for a manager to have is that of accountability. Staff will not trust a leader who is not transparent nor accountable for their actions. Accountability takes many different forms, but it is most vital that you maintain accountability by being honest with your staff. While they might not understand all of the details of running a business, you should never conceal information or misrepresent something in service of a short-term gain. You will lose the trust of your staff and they will unlikely follow the guidance of a leader they do not trust.

These four qualities are important for any businessperson who is in a leadership role. If you are a manager looking to get the most out of your staff, fostering these characteristics is the first step. As a manager, it is your responsibility to set the tone of your work environment. You will likely see better performance, cooperation and investment when you develop these qualities both in yourself and your employees.

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