5 Tips For Playing Basketball

Playing Basketball

The basketball is a sports team very funny and charming, born in America but spread substantially on a global scale. It can be practiced at an amateur level practically by anyone, even if it requires a minimum of natural skills. So if this sport interests you, knock the stereotypes out of your door as well. What is certain is that it is not a very simple sport.

Of simple there is only the required equipment or a rectangular field 15 meters by 28 meters, two baskets and a basketball ball. The rest is represented only and solely by your application skills. The more you will be constant and careful in training, physicists and technicians, the better you will be in this sport. The following guide is a list of five tips of a technical and physical nature that is good to follow to play well in basketball.

1) Improve physical preparation

Being equipped with a good physical preparation is essential to correctly practice any physical activity. In addition to protecting yourself from possible injuries related to the inadequacy of the muscular structure as a whole, a good athletic preparation will allow you to focus on the technical and tactical aspects of team sports, without paying too much attention to fundamentals and without being distracted or weighed down by fatigue that, inexorably, can present itself even after a few game actions. In basketball it is important to train not only the lower limbs because of the continuous jumps, shots and changes of direction, but also the upper limbs because of the need for control and movement of the sphere that happens, precisely, with the hands. To achieve a

2) Improve mental preparation

Mental preparation is necessary in every sport: it is essential to be able to concentrate properly when under stress. This is certainly important in individual sports, but it is even more so in the teams, where it is more difficult to keep individual players’ performances under control. The attitude to sacrifice, to the control of one’s body and to follow the tactical rules when one is under psycho-physical stress is not easy and necessity of practice. This is one of the reasons why at the end of each training session it is a good idea to play the classic final match, trying to reach the objectives of the day.

Playing Basketball

3) Improve dribbling skills

If the athletic and mental conditions are adequate, so that you can consider yourself good basketball players, you need to have good game skills. In basketball it is essential to have a good dribble. Among the rules of the game, which you will clearly have to master, it is reported that the basketball player who carries the ball forward, must do it by single-handed dribbling. The necessary movements must take place with great naturalness, without seeing the ball. It is therefore necessary to practice for a long time in the dribble, by operating the ball in a circle around the feet, inside and outside the legs. By performing these exercises as a routine, you will improve very quickly.

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4) Improve the passing skills

Among the fundamentals of each team sport with a ball, there is the transition. In fact it is really very difficult to express a team game if you cannot make the sphere circulate among the various players. Unlike the dribble, the passage can be done by moving the sphere with both hands. This is because the need to perform long passages may occur, which require much more force to be performed. They can also be conducted by bouncing the ball against the floor, to make it more difficult to intercept the opponent. Alternatively you can pull directly in the direction of the teammate. To practice clearly you need to be at least in pairs. Always remember that it is appropriate to meet the ball that is passed on,

5) Improve attack skills

In game dynamics, attack actions dominate the scene. Knowing how to make a good shot in suspension, a third time or a dunk can be decisive. The methods of conducting each of these actions deserve specific training: rather than looking for discursive technical descriptions to improve your basic skills, it can be significant to learn by selling someone as you put them into practice. In this regard, I consider the following video to be significant. In general, remember that when you make a shot, it is advisable to use the ball with your fingertips; in addition, load the legs and extend them by making a jump, accompanying the movement with the arms.

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