The Appeal of Instant Games

Most casino games are very exciting, and some can cause tension wondering if the bet made will result in a win. Sports betting is also fun, as bettors can place a bet and then watch the game to see if they have won, which is also very exciting.

Slots are fast paced filled with action as players wait in anticipation to see where the reels will fall. Roulette players depend on the outcome of a little white ball to decide their fate. Some players however, do not want to wait in anticipation to find out whether they have won or lost and instant games have been designed in such a way to give players an immediate result.

What are Instant Games?

Instant win games cover a range of games, but the one thing they all have in common is that they do not have any complicated steps to follow. They are fast paced games that do not offer much player interaction , although some do require players to perform some sort of action in order for them to see if they have won.

All instant win games are based entirely on luck and no complex decision making is necessary or any sort of skill. Instant win players are usually not after complex strategies, but rather hoping that they will be lucky. The games are often very simple and it is usually the casual player that will enjoy them. Most of them also require minimal bets while high stakes players can increase their bet if they would like to.

Scratch Cards

The most common type of instant win game is the scratch card. These cards have been around for many years and can be found almost anywhere, gas stations, supermarkets and convenience stores. They have also been added to many online casinos with the introduction of online casino gaming. Most online casinos will feature a wide and varied range of scratch cards with different themes. Scratch cards are really easy.

All a player needs to do is to decide which card to buy, pay their money and by scratching on the ticket hopefully revealing the winning symbols. Online scratch card players can scratch manually or the symbols are revealed automatically. There have been some great success stories of huge wins from scratch cards.

Bingo and Keno

Instant win games that rely on draws are also popular such as Bingo. The most popular form of Bingo online is 80 or 90 ball Bingo, and there are a huge number of game themes and options on offer. Players buy a card and they then have to match up as many numbers as they can from a round of Bingo which has been randomly drawn and hoping that luck will be on their side and they have some winning patterns.

Keno is another popular instant win game, but does offer some complexities. Some online casinos will feature a quick pick where players receive spots and the draw can be activated and players will receive their results. Keno is a little slower and players can enjoy this game at their own pace.

Instant win casino games may not seem as important as Slots or other table games, but many players enjoy them. They are appealing to many because they are easy to play and not much thought is needed. They are a great way to relax.

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