Bullying in the Workplaces – The Consequences and What can be Done About it

Bullying is something that can happen in many different workplaces – from huge companies to small businesses, it is sadly something that goes on in the world of work all too often. Bullying can take many forms – from making someone feel excluded, to taking credit for their work, to snide remarks and making them feel belittled – there are many forms that bullying can take.

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For many people, it gets too much and they feel that they have no choice but to leave their job – if this is the case, speak to someone like https://www.employmentlawfriend.co.uk/constructive-dismissal as you may be able to make a constructive dismissal claim.

Not only can bullying be bad for your career, but if not dealt with, it can also cause health issues such as:

High Blood Pressure

Sleep Disturbances and Insomnia



Mood Swings or Low Mood

Stomach Ulcers

As well as being something that is bad for your health, it can also affect your performance at work. Lack of concentration, as well as a lack of confidence can make your performance in the workplace suffer.

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If you are being bullied at work, the first thing that you should so is tell a trusted person in authority – this may be a line manager or a HR representative. They will then be able to take steps to help to resolve the situation.

Just being able to tell someone about it can also be a big relief too, as well as the knowledge that someone will help you to resolve it.

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