What Are the Benefits of a Virtual VoIP Contact Centre?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, systems have been around since the late nineties. Essentially, they allow you to make speech calls via an IP address rather than traditional land lines. But what are the benefits of switching to a VoIP contact centre?

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Remote Working

One of the main benefits of a VoIP contact centre is that it is operated remotely over the internet. There is no longer the need to have employees face the morning commute to come to a physical office – they can simply work from their home. This can mean a much calmer and stress-free environment to work in for some employees who can find the traditional contact centre overwhelming. For employers it also gives them access to a much wider talent pool, as they are no longer limited to looking for staff who work within commuting distance of the office.

VoIP systems also include a raft of functionality which isnt available in traditional telecoms systems- for example, processes which allow a business to automatically distribute calls to operators based on how busy they currently are and their predicted call queues. For customers they can provide voice responses to specific questions which will allow their call to be directed to the most appropriate operator for their query, thus providing an enhanced customer experience.

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For team meetings a VoIP system will allow multiple operators to take part in a call at the same time, again reducing the need for employees to travel to offices for meetings.

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Cost Savings

According to Lifewire, you can reduce your phone bill by around forty per cent by switching to a VoIP system.

These cost savings alone can help to grow profit for your business, and removing the need to have a physical contact centre with employees on-site will further reduce costs.

Its also easy to expand a virtual VoIP contact centre. Adding additional users is simple and straightforward, and unlike traditional landlines there is no complex rewiring required.

So if you have an existing contact centre and are looking to expand or disband, or youre a new business setting up your first contact centre, a VoIP communication system is certainly worth considering.

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