Why we have moved away from analogue signals for TV aerials

We now consider it second nature to assume that we will always have a vast array of television channels to choose from.  increased channels from the BBC and ITV have become commonplace and streaming systems like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney plus are all available for us to use.  However this would not have been possible were it not for the move towards a digital signal received by TV aerials.  It’s vitally important that you maintain your television aerial to receive good pictures,  so it’s a good idea to make sure that you use TV aerial installation Cheltenham based company steveunettaerials.

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The need to move to a different form of signal reception was fueled in part by radio.The volume of radio stations that have appeared on the scene and market meant that the analogue system was  becoming overloaded.  Despite the huge number of channels being increased the ability to broadcast them was severely reduced.

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The introduction of digital signals that multiple channels could be carried simultaneously in a much smaller portion of the spectrum.  Because they are digital signals, it also means that the use of the radio spectrum is much more efficient.  Better still, there is less chance of there being interference with a digital signal then there is with analogs.  One of the main criticisms of the analogue wave system was that picture quality was constantly disturbed or could even be non-existent in some areas.  North Wales, the Scottish Highlands, the Yorkshire moors and some areas of the south coast, were constantly plagued with technical issues.

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