Elgato Eve Degree, thermometer and intelligent humidity sensor for which price is not a problem

Elgato Eve Degree

In recent months we are seeing a veritable barrage ofaccessories compatible with HomeKit.And the truth is that the manufacturers are finally embracing the platform and begin to create products that are interesting.Elgato is one of the most advanced and have a full range of compatible products.Today we tell youour experience with your Eve Degree, a thermometer and humidity sensor that fits in the palm of your hand.

Elgato Eve Degree: Technical Specifications

  • Type of accessory: Thermometer, humidity sensor and barometer.
  • Limits of use according to manufacturer:
    • Temperature – 18C – 55C
    • Humidity 0% – 100%
    • Pressure 260 – 1260 mbar
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Water resistance: IPX3, suitable for terraces but covered.
  • Display: Monochrome LCD.
  • Power: Battery type CR2450.
  • Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 15 mm.
  • Weight: 43 grams.
  • HomeKit support: Yes.
  • Price:69.95 dollars.

Design for teaching and electrical independence

Elgato Eve Degree
Image Source: Google Image

One of the first feelings you have when you draw an Eve Degree from your box is how well built it is.A square ofrounded corners made of aluminum, with the front part occupied by its monochrome LCD screen and the rear plastic.On this side, it has a hole that allows to hang the accessory anywhere.You can even use “blue-tack” adhesive to put it anywhere.

And it is that, unlike other HomeKit accessories we have seen, the Eve Degree is made to be displayed and not hidden in a corner of the house.During my tests, I have had it on a smalltable in the living room, on a shelf above the television and at the work desk.Because another advantage of this product is that it works with an unpronounceable name stack.

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It is not tied to the current and you do not have to worry about recharging it from time to time.Elgato says that the included in the device lasts a whole year.As a curiosity, one can see the battery charge from the Home app of an iPhone or iPad.This type of power supply has its advantages, but as we will see also has drawbacks.

I checked the house temperature marked by the Eve Degree along with another traditional mercury thermometer (one that, by the way, I just broke).The deviceis quite preciseand is in line with what is marked on other thermometers.I have had no way to find out if the atmospheric pressure and humidity are correct, however, I have no reason to doubt it.

On the pressure, there is something that does not fit.In the app of Elgato yes that is shown but in House does not appear its corresponding indicator.So it is excluded from possible automations.

Automation with HomeKit and price

Elgato Eve Degree
Image Source: Google Image

The Eve Degree is not a useful accessory per.Moreover, the three functions that it performs could be made perfectly by other more traditional products ina much cheaper way.What Elgato puts on the table is the connectivity with HomeKit and, on it, the possibility of automating functions with other accessories of the house.

In theory, the Eve Degree should be able to be used to activate the air conditioner when the room temperature exceeds 28 degrees when the room temperature is below 16 degrees. Or a humidifier or dehumidifierchanges the humidity in the room.You can also add combinations that take into account the time, location in which we are and other options.

Obviously, you need to have other compatible HomeKit accessories to be able to use these functions.In my case, I only have one intelligent light bulb butit does not seem to be appropriate for this kindofworkflows.If this is an error, Apple should fix it as soon as possible.Or, at least, make clear what types of automation are compatible with each other.

Another point to keep in mind about Eve Degree is that it works by Bluetooth LE, something that is not strange given its electrical limitations.This means that in order to communicate with an iPhone, iPad or Apple TVneeds to be within its rangeof action, which is more limited than if it were for WiFi as other accessories.Although it is true that an Apple TV increases the reach enormously.

And we come to the most important point of this intelligent thermometer.The price is almost 70 dollars for a device whose usefulness will depend largely on the rest of accessories that we can use together.Unless there is a very important need to know the temperature, humidity and pressure of a remote stay (cellar, conservatory, baby’s room), it is difficult to recommend your purchase.

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