Different things to do with mince

Minced meat or ground beef is a widely available meat product that is versatile, easy to store and easy to cook. It can be refrigerated or frozen for a quick mid-week meal and is the meat of choice for many families. However, most of us only use it in one or two different dishes – the same dishes weve been cooking for years. But with a little imagination and experimentation, mince can be adapted to a wide range of meals.

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The Classics

Depending on where you live in the world, mince might be your go-to meat whenever you cook spaghetti bolognese, hamburgers, beef curry or tacos. These are all great recipes which use mince in the simplest possible way and allow the cook to adapt the dish to different tastes. But even in these dishes, there are plenty of ways you can try a new approach. Mixing sauted vegetables such as courgettes and peppers to bolognese can add extra texture and vitamins. In beef burgers using mince, adding a variety of onions such as shallots and spring onions can also add a new dimension to your meal.

Get Fresh with Mince

One of the great things about mince is how, once cooked, it can be added to uncooked salad foods to create fresh and nutritious meals. Soft wraps loaded with cooked mince, cheddar cheese, salad and yoghurt are meals that can be spiced up or even made veggie for non-meat eaters with no hassle at all.

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Go Greek

For the more adventurous or those who would like to try something other than beef burgers on the grill, Greek-style Koftas are the answer. Simply mix mince, coriander, garlic and parsley together and press around skewers. Serve with couscous soaked in boiling water and a mint yoghurt dip for the best results. Check out the online beef recipes at http://food-tales.com/food-recipes/beef/ for ways to spice it up.

Thai Scented Big Mac

While beef and Thai food traditionally dont fit together, for beef lovers there is a way to get the best of both worlds. Just mix your burger mince up as usual and add lemon leaves, fresh ginger and a splash of sweet chilli sauce.

But if none of these recipes tickles your taste buds, maybe its time to get creative. The options with mince really are endless.

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