Communication Technology in the Workplace

When a business expands, communication often becomes more difficult. Increased staffing or wider spaces can make everything less personalized, and employees may have a harder time staying on the same page.

Fortunately, technological advancements have made it easier for workers to stay connected, regardless of business size. There are many different communication devices a business can utilize to keep everyone in the loop.

Instant Messaging

Team members can interact through text, links, videos and photos through instant messaging. With the right setup, the process is fast and can handle remote communication. Instant messaging is especially useful for small departments that need to get emergent information across to each other.

Alerting Software

Every now and then, a worker has to reach out to colleagues about an urgent matter. Chat, e-mail or a phone call is not always the most reliable method when people have to see a message right away. Alerting software, on the other hand, can generate pop-ups, sounds and other means to grab people’s attention. It’s important to have a good infrastructure in order for this software to fulfill its purpose, and additional tools such as RF couplers can improve signals.

Internal Newsletter

Not only should team members be able to communicate in the middle of a task, but they should also see what plans are in the works. An internal newsletter can keep everyone informed about scheduling, new policies and other pertinent information.


An intranet fulfills many of an internal newsletter’s functions, except the information tends to be more expansive. Company news, updates and training programs are a few things staff can access. When intranet updates are made, it’s helpful to notify people through other means (such as a newsletter).

Communication should never be overlooked in the workplace. Understanding what technology is available can help all sorts of industries.

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