6 questions to ask potential property managers

Renting out your own property can be stressful. Getting the right help, at the right time, can be crucial.

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Property management specialists, such as Property Management Group can make renting out your property hassle-free and ensure that all your property needs are taken care of.

Choosing a property management specialist can be hard.

So, weve come up with 6 key questions to help:

1. What experience do you have? Make sure your property management company has a solid track history. Ask the property manager direct and check they are members of The Property Ombudsman to guarantee professional standards.

2. What services do you offer? Youll want to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Each company may offer something different, so be clear on what you are paying for and whether this suits your requirements. If you want a company to attend to all the maintenance problems for you, then you need to check that they offer this.

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3. What are your fees? This is one of the biggest deciding factors, which is why you should ask what you are paying for, if you pay monthly or in advance, and whether you still pay if your property remains vacant. Experienced Cheltenham property management companies will expect this question and be ready to answer it.

4. How will you market my property? Youll want to know what their strategy is for ensuring that your property has regular quality tenants. If you pay the property company every month regardless, then you want to know they have a strong marketing plan to ensure they remain motivated to find you clients.

5. How do you screen tenants? Each company, such as Cheltenham Property Management, will vet and find tenants differently, and its important to know whether they carry out employment checks, credit checks and collect references.

6. What control would I have? The property company will create a tenancy agreement between you and the tenant, but there are certain details that you may wish to have a say over, such as pets or making changes to the property. If having a say in the contract is important to you, then ensure you ask, as not everyone will support this.

Asking these key questions will ensure a steady stream of tenants and a stress-free experience.

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