Guide to Basic Video Editing with Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor can make your idea of that professional video that you dream of making come true. You may have seen a great video somewhere else and you wish that you can also produce the same professional video yourself. Movavi Video Editor makes it possible for you to produce the same great video produced by a movie studio.

A lot of self made celebrity on YouTube edit their movies without using any complex video editing software. Movavi Video Editor is very affordable compared to other video editors and anyone with just a small capital can get this software easily.

Video editing is essential in order to produce a good video. You may have a camcorder and can instantly create a video by shooting a scene. However, if you play back the video, you will find that it doesnt look ideal as you expected it to be. A lot of things that you did not intend for it to appear in the video will appear which is why you need a video editing tool to remove them.


The raw video footage may look amateurish and have a lot of noises in the background. Most people are concerned about the quality of the video that they watch. Therefore, if you want to impress your audience, it is important to edit it first with a video editor before publishing it.

Movavi multimedia software allows you to combine all your shots together into a single video. You can merge together a large number of video clips in the timeline without any problem. The timeline is able to handle as many video files as you want. The text tool allows you to add a title at the beginning when the video starts playing.

There are many interesting transitions you can insert in between the video clips. Some transitions make the video scene looks as if it is fading into another scene. The transitions tab allows you to easily apply a transition by dragging it directly onto the timeline. You can record yourself doing the narration or use a robot voice to read the script in the video. If you want to modify the tempo of your video, you can use the speed slider to make the video play in fast or slow motion.

When you first shot the footage, the video is going to be big and takes up several gigabytes of spaces on the hard disk. When you load the video onto the timeline, you will be able to select the part that you want to use. You can delete all the unnecessary parts by marking the ins and out points with the red marker.

Cutting the video can reduce the entire raw footage into a video that just last for a few minutes or seconds. You will be able to drag the different video parts into the right sequence. Using the scissor tool to reduce the original video length into a short video is definitely better than watching the raw video in full length.

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