Do you know the difference between fire extinguisher types

Familiarizing yourself with the available types of fire extinguishers and what they should be used for could enable you to save your life, house and those around you.

To make it easier for you and fire extinguisher has been colour-coded, so you can know what they should be used for. You also need to have Fire Risk Assessment Bristol based company Keloscape can provide.

Red – Fire extinguishers for water

The most popular forms of fire extinguishers are these which are best used for Class A fires involving strong organic materials such as coal, plastics, paper, fabric or wood. They should not be used for electrical equipment, for oil or fat burning. In the form of water spray, you can also find certain forms of extinguishers, and these are more effective than the typical water extinguishers.

Blue – Extinguishers for powder

These can be used for a wide variety of purposes and can be used for Class A, B or C fires including fuel, paint, gasoline, fats and grease, organic solids and liquids. They can be used for gas fires as well but fat or chip-pan fires should not be used. It is extremely necessary that the gas supply is separated first when used on a gas fire.

Cream – Extinguishers of Foam

These are intended for fires in Class A and B and can be used for the combustion of liquids or solids, but should not be used for chip-pan fires. Although they are not recommended for electric fires, if they spray on electrical equipment accidentally, they are safer than water extinguishers.

Black – Extinguishers with Carbon Dioxide

These extinguishers are better able to put out electrical fires, and they can even extinguish liquid fires (class B), but with these extinguishers, fires can re-ignite as there is no post-fire protection.

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