Why humans need trees to survive

You may have learned a lot about the value of healthy forests and the damage that too many trees being cut down can cause, but do you really know why we need trees? Some of the reasons may not be as straightforward as you think, but trees are completely important to both humans and nature. Compared to countries in Europe, the UK has a limited amount of trees, with just 12 percent of our land occupied by forest. On this number, we must improve, but why? Luckily we have a Dorset Tree Surgeon like Kieran Boyland to protect them.

The Reasons for the trees are:

To breathe with.

Only the significant role that trees play will sustain the natural balance of life on earth. Trees extract excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and by a mechanism called photosynthesis, convert it to oxygen. Trees are an incredibly necessary requirement for life, as all animals and humans on land, and even those in the sea, require oxygen to breathe. Trees absorb CO2 and water from the atmosphere, which is converted into oxygen when introduced to the process by sunlight.

For the air to be filtered

With certain plants, trees make ideal air philtres more efficient at filtering the air. They are very resistant to contaminants and pollutants, trapping them in the bark and leaves. This type of tree is chosen by urban planners and city officials to line the streets.

Trees, besides being healthy for our mental well-being, have other health advantages. In places where people exercise, they provide a soothing and calming atmosphere, and wood has been shown to assist with mental exhaustion and cognitive function.



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