A history of window blinds

In terms of home decor, along with curtains, window blinds are one of the most common forms of window covering. There are several variations, which means that every style and taste can be suited. This Blinds Tewkesbury based company can help with installation.

The earliest documentation of blinds being used comes from the nomadic tribes who lived in the deserts of Africa and Asia. This seems to be the obvious place to need blinds, to shield people from the intense glare of the desert sun. Such early blinds may have been made up of plain sheets draped over window openings. Not only did these early blinds give some relief from the hot sun, they also provided privacy to the desert dwellers. Reeds were used by the Egyptians to provide shelter and make the most of every passing wind, plucked from the shores of the Nile River. Bamboo was an abundant material for making blinds in China and is still being used for this purpose today.

Blinds were first brought by the Persians to Europe. Merchants from the East brought art to places like Venice in Italy during the Renaissance period. Blinds have been adopted and adapted to fit Venetian tastes, and the Venetian Blind has been born. These blinds were appreciated by tourists from other European countries and took the concepts back to their home countries with them. The Venetian blind was fairly simple and raised and lowered by multiple slats connected by string. A familiar sound? Not much has changed and there are still modern blinds working in this way. In fact, the Venetian blind is still one of today’s most common purchased blinds.

Blind fashion has spread rapidly through many European cities. Blinds started to be produced in enormous quantities during the Industrial Revolution and became a standard sight in most households.

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