The Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that most people have heard of, but not that many of us know that much about. Unless you have diabetes or have a close friend or family member with it, the chances are you ,might not know a great deal about what it is or how it develops – as well as how you can reduce your risks of developing diabetes yourself.

Type one diabetes is the less common type – it is not clear how this illness develops, however a lot of research is being done into the illness by people like Trials 4 Us who run paid clinical trials to try to  look into treatments of illnesses.

Type one diabetes is where the body doesn’t produce any of the hormone called insulin – this means that the cells do not receive the glucose they need and sugar stays in the blood, so the body must be regularly injected with insulin.

Type 2 diabetes means that the insulin is not getting into the cells properly – the body does still make insulin, however, so does not need to be injected. This type can be caused by poor diet and high amounts of sugary foods. It can however be controlled by living a healthy lifestyle and eating food low in sugar.

Gestational diabetes is when pregnancy hormones cause the body to not produce enough insulin to cope with the demands on it. It is more common in overweight women and women that have a family history of diabetes.

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