Get down to Paris for the week

It’s the last of the big 4 fashion shows in the year and Paris Fashion week generally does not  disappoint. From here the world of fashion feels the vibrations and then adjusts itself accordingly. Be you a big supplier like Designer menswear Ireland based outfitters EJ Menswear, or smaller chain, you’ll be influenced by what is shown here for the next year or so until the next one.

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All of the major French labels will show here and they will also use the famous landmarks that Paris has to show off the clothes. The Louvre is a  really popular spot as you would expect but then so is the Grand Palais. Paris is one of those cities that really can’t help being stylish. It’s been doing it since the 14th Century onwards so it’s had a lot of practice at it.

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All that the week really is an expansion of the salon shows that the major houses put on to illustrate their wares. This would range from the ready to wear lines to the haute couture, the handmade gear that was made specifically for a client. It was where the magic happened. In New York there was Press Week which would transform into Fashion week. The other cities followed suit and began to create their own. Along with New York, London and Milan these weeks define the clothes we wear, how they are worn and even the people who wear and design them.

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