Bull Riding: A History of the Modern Sport

If you’re looking for a great combination of danger and excitement, then try the concept of bull riding on for size. Whilst its roots date as far back as Minoan culture, the modern version of the sport can be traced back to the Mexican contests known as ‘charreada’, wherein it was one of 9 events through which the competitors (known as Charros) would prove their ranching skills.

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Evolution of Bull Riding

By the mid-1800s, the sport was highly popular in Texas and began to attract more attention. Following this increase in popularity, several laws had to be implemented for the welfare of the animals.

Nowadays, the sport has evolved somewhat, so as to accommodate the aforementioned Animal Welfare laws passed since its creation. For example, in the original version of the sport, the bull would be ridden until death, whereas nowadays much better care is taken of the animals.

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Top Bull Riders

The Professional Bull Riders Inc, or PBR was founded in 1992 and brought even more attention to the already popular sport. Today, the best bull riders in the world are members of this organisation, and have made their fortunes from mastering the sport.

Several records have also been set, from the longest time on a real bull, to the longest time a rider has managed to stay on a mechanical bull without being bucked off. This record currently stands at just over 2 minutes. There are even eccentric records, such as the longest time a rider has managed to shake a margarita whilst riding!

Mechanical Rodeo Bulls

Understandably, hopping on a real bull isn’t for everyone what with the horns and potential to be trampled, and for that reason several rodeo bull manufacturers have popped up. Companies such as http://www.gsrodeobulls.com/ have designed several stages of rodeo bull, from the ‘budget’ version to the fully automated premium version (with added smoke billowing angrily from the nostrils!) This has ensured that beginners to the daring sport can get a taste of the real thing.

Be warned! Just because the mechanical bulls aren’t real, it certainly doesn’t mean they’re easy to master. Still just as intent as flinging the rider around and bucking them off onto the (arguably more inviting) inflatable floor waiting below, you’d best prepare yourself for a bumpy ride!

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