Eight tips to reduce your calories easily

reduce your calories

Every year at this time, with the arrival of the hottest times and the impending swimsuit parade, we grow in our minds the firm intention to lose weight and look the best possible physique. A goal almost unanimous but nevertheless, sometimes, we find it more than complicated.

The theory we all know: diet and exercise, but if you are one of those people that the diet is really “uphill”, quiet, today we propose eight tips to reduce your calories easily.

reduce your calories
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Avoid frying and batting and opt for grilled, baked or steamed cuisine …

1) Monitor the way of cooking: Even if we eat the same foods, it is not the same to prepare them in one way or another. If your goal is to reduce calories you should avoid and restrict, as much as possible, the fried and battered and replace them with steamed, baked or papillote. A simple change that will drastically reduce the calories of your dishes.

Tip: If you take breaded food, add a little water to the beaten egg to prevent it from absorbing so much oil later. In the case of frying, choose to remove the excess oil with a paper napkin.

2) Hydrate properly: Following a good pattern of hydration is essential not only when it comes to exercising and replenishing fluids, but throughout the day. If you are one of those who is hard to drink enough water, help tricks to make this practice more bearable.

Good water consumption will not only help you eat less, thanks to its natural satiating effect, but also help you metabolize fats and eliminate waste products.

Tip: Get used to drinking a glass of water about ten minutes before each meal to avoid coming with such a sense of anxiety.

3) Choose foods that are satiating and low calorie: Raises the consumption of fruits and vegetables and always try to accompany your dishes with a healthy garnish. In addition to benefiting from a good dose of fiber, it will help you satiate without raising your calorie intake.

Tip: Take a piece of fruit in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon to avoid getting there with that feeling of hunger at lunch time. Do you know what the six fruits with fewer calories are?

reduce your calories
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4) Avoid making the purchase when you are hungry: Although it seems like a very basic advice, it is more than effective. In this way, we will avoid the temptation to take to the cart everything that we want to eat at that moment and which, generally, are high caloric products.

Tip: Help yourself to a shopping list to choose directly those products or foods you really need, avoiding temptations while deciding what to buy.

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5) Rest properly: Sleeping the necessary hours and getting a proper rest is not only related to a better quality of life, but also directly linked to the production of certain hormones that can stimulate our appetite.

Tip: Try to follow a good pattern of rest in which you set an hour to go to bed and one to get up.

6) Beware of sauces and dressings: Even if we choose low-calorie foods and reduce the intake of fatty foods, if we later add extremely caloric sauces to our “healthy-cooked” dish, we will spoil everything we have achieved.

Tip: The best dressing that we can use is olive oil, product with healthy fats, but always adjusting quantities because despite all its benefits, oil is a high calorie food.

reduce your calories
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7) Avoid distractions when it comes to eating: Focus on savoring each dish as much as possible and tasting the food. Eating without distractions will help control what we eat and notice the feeling of satiety.

Tip: avoid distractions like TV or mobile to the table. Studies have shown that these devices are also associated with rates of obesity.

8) Do not forget the exercise: For any diet plan to work correctly and healthy it is essential that, in addition, to follow a hypocaloric diet, we have a good exercise routine.

Tip: Do not reduce your calorie intake drastically to get you to lose weight. Adjust to your caloric needs and complement the plan with exercise. It will be the only way for you to really achieve healthy and prolonged weight loss while avoiding the fearsome rebound effect.

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