Decorating tricks to maximize a small living room

Whether it’s for entertainment or functionality, many people long for more square footage in their homes. Your living space can seem like a lost cause, but all it takes is some strategic dcor and organization to make it look and feel bigger. Here are a few techniques to maximize your living room space.

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Focus on the Middle

It can be difficult to create a homey feel when you don’t have a designated entrance space for your front door. Don’t let doors ruin beautiful houses! Avoid making your door the focal point by facing a cozy loveseat away from and parallel to the door and adding a fun armchair that takes the eye to your seating in the middle of your space.

Avoid Dark Walls

Sharp or bright colors can warm up a room and accent light in the space, leaving no chance for a claustrophobic feel. White is okay, but do not be afraid to add an accent wall to the space. A darker color on one wall can cause it to recede, making your space look bigger.

Utilize Height

Creating a storage wall for books and small decor is a striking way to maximize space. A bookcase that covers an entire wall gives you more room and less clutter in your main space. Many sites are stocked with ways to style your bookcase, such as, but one easy way is to throw a bright paint color on that wall to create a unique focal point! You might also consider taking other dcor to the ceiling to draw the eye upward.

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Keep it Open and Simple

Aim to create open seating areas that function well and flow with the rest of your home. You might also consider a simple color scheme, like turquoise against white walls and furnishings, to open up your space. Some of the most beautiful houses are also the simplest!

Get Creative with Your Furniture

Search for furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes. Consider a set of drawers under your stairs or a coffee table with storage. If your room is oddly shaped, get creative. Think about an L-shaped couch in an eaves space, bold chairs that allow you to see underneath them, wooden rocking chairs, or ladder bookcases. All these approaches will make the room feel bigger!

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